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  1. Dude you've out done yourself with this remix. It's THE best Memories of Green remix ever to come out period. Some of the lyrics remind me of the Guru at the end of time like when you say "space and time have no meaning anymore" and "someone let me out of here!" lol priceless..
  2. Dude you're so right.. I loved that game even tho I played it after Super Metroid came out. Lot's of similar stages they both have. Has anyone played the game Cobra Command for nes? That game was fun..
  3. Mighty Morphen Power Rangers for snes. I feel embarrassed even mentioning it but yes.. I liked it. The background music is TOO redundant and sucky, the action moves look so robotical and Billy (blue ranger) is the only character in the game that prances along like a little sissy girl as he walks. And Xenophobe! Who can forget Xenophobe? Does that sad excuse for a game even have an ending? The Start song in the beginning is toooo catchy that it'll haunt you for the rest of your life..
  4. Ozma from FFIX isn't that hard at all!!!!! you have to use that stupid frog in your team to take off the status effects and then smash all his MP with a Hammer!.. didn't take longer than 5 minutes to beat after that.. trust me.. Who ever said it's eazy to kill the Emerald in FFVII is a LIAR and either never played that game or is WAAAY too cocky.. plus too much credit for ya because that was probably the hardest ANYONE could face.. I mean first of all I played that game like 4 times and every time I went and fought the Emerald with everyone on Lv.99 and got EVERYTHING that can kick ANYTHING'S
  5. I really liked that piece that you made there and was wondering what music program you used for it? Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger are considered master pieces. You only added to its perfection to which I applause to. The way the base kicks in at the beginning of the song is great and nice drum work too.
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