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  1. omg i love it! not only is it remix number 1200, but its one of the best piano-only remixes i've ever heard, and i've listened to almost every song on the site. *thumbs up* YES!
  2. This brings back memories. This is the first OC ReMix that I ever heard! I downloaded it from Kazaa, hahaha. ^.^ That was so long ago.... I am still in love with this and am listening to it right now. Very relazing but at first the river sounds like pee....
  3. Light and bubbly, uplifting, and just wait until 2:11 when it starts getting really good
  4. Every game has it's own what I like to call "Uber-ReMix." This is, without a doubt, Super Mario 64's Uber-ReMix. Unfortunately, I came to associate it with the first time I met my (now ex) girlfriend, and I can't listen to it anymore without crying.
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