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  1. I must say, I agree with all the positive feedback already said about this remix. It is definitely one of my favorites and we all owe AmIEvil for this great track. A perfect 10.
  2. I was laying on my bed the other day, just doing some homework, when this song started playing. I just sat there, and i seriously almost started crying. This is possible the greatest remix i've ever heard. Right at the 2:00 mark when it starts in with that synth, and then around 2:19 that next part comes in, then :29!!! I didn't think music could sound soo perfect. Disco Dan has taken a theme from the game that, i must say, wasn't my favorite, and turned it into something amazing, beautiful, incredible. My sincere thanks to you for creating such an amazing remix. Hope to hear more from you soon! Great Job again Disco Dan!
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