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  1. I must say that this piece of work is fantastic. However, I find "Little Painter Girl" more resembles some of Mitsuda's Xenogears works than Uematsu's "Relm." This arrangement has an uplifting tense feel to it all, which definitely reminds me of "Blues Traveler"(I think this has to do with the drums mainly) and "Wings"(26 second mark for sure) although toned down. But then I definitely feel it has an innocent touch and almost sounds a lot like "The Treasure Which Cannnot Be Stolen"(42 second mark piano). That innocent touch brings the light-heartedness feel to it that made the original so memorable. A few keys sound like they're from the original(42 second mark woodwinds/synthesizers) but this only happens in a couple of places for only around 10 seconds at a time...otherwise you could have fooled me that this was "Relm". And that breakdown of the music at the 1:38 mark is brilliant. Love it. Overall, "Little Painter Girl" is very pleasing to the ears. I could listen to this for a long time to come. Download this now.
  2. It is easy to get lost in this song...it clears the mind. very hypnotic. nice job.
  3. I like it. This song totally deserves to be on the site. First off, this is only one of 2 Aeris songs here...and the drums are kick ass. The guitar seems to be a lot more tolerable during the 2nd half of the song, why that is I don't know...maybe because there are more sounds going on with "ahh" and the acoustic guitar. Thumbs up. Now let's hear a 2nd song from ya.
  4. Very 80's esque...it really is the vocals that put the stamp on that though. You sound like you're british...a member of cutting crew or some other 80's pop band. Your arrangement is mitsuda-esque. You have like 4 or 5 different sounds all playing their own song but combining to make something remarkable. I love it. Thank you very much for making this.
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