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  1. This music's quite edgy! This would be staying in my playlist for a long time. Nice work, zircon!
  2. bonus

    Nintendo DS

    I sure hope so. This is my most anticipated game right next to Zelda.
  3. bonus

    Nintendo DS

    *slaps forehead* Wow, I can't believe I didn't see that one. Thanks, guys.
  4. bonus

    Nintendo DS

    This game's far from sucky. You just have to...try hard to appreciate it. Anyway, I got ZX too. I like the Metroid-like exploration, but the game could use a better map system. It's confusing as fuck. Right now I'm stuck in that place with the classic lava chase. Goddamit, that place pisses me off. I'll just find subtanks instead. With that said, how do you get that subtank in the forest? The one up the wall on the left? It just sits there and I can't figure out how to get it.
  5. bonus

    Nintendo DS

    I bought Mario Hoops the other day. Man, the learning curve of this game is way too steep. Plus, the game's difficulty shifts from very easy to very goddamned cheap quickly. I literally slammed my DS on the wall because of it. This game is very frustating. BUT it doesn't mean that the game is unplayable. This game is hard mainly because of the odd control method. It feels real clunky at first, but everything will feel (almost) natural once you get a hang of it. You just need practice to get better and enjoy this game. Pretty much like real basketball. Of course, you can use the easier button control if you want, but it's very limited compared to playing with the stylus. So yeah...don't buy this game if you have a short temper. Controls aside, this game is great. It has some nice nostalgic sounds and is very pretty for a DS game. Sucks it doesn't have wifi though. I can't show my mad stylus-dribblin' skillz to anyone :'(
  6. Okay, so I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing DS lately (yeah I know, I'm a fucking hypocrite), and I think the player's character (the human boy/girl) would be an interesting addition. Here are some ideas that I have for their moveset: A MOVES one-two punch (a): a basic two-punch combo. Can be chained with other moves. Nothing great. push (forward a): an attack with longer reach. Unlike the pushing you do in AC, you just stand in one place and move the hands forward in a quick motion. low kick (down a): nothing to explain here. umbrella (up a): you twirl your umbrella and inflict some damage to a foe above you. trip (dash a): you trip. A reference to Katrina's fortune. (forward smash) axe: SWING IT FOOL! (down smash) shovel: well, you dig. If a foe happens to be right in front of you, he gets flinged upwards. Me digging out a tree trunk made me realized the AC character's potential to be in Brawl. (up smash) show it off!: pull an insect or fish out of your pocket and raise it up! The force you inflict depends on what kind of creature you pull out (e.g. Pulling out a shark has a stronger impact than pulling out a beetle.), so it's kinda random. B MOVES (Net: this attack doesn't knock people offstage, but it does inflict reasonable damage and sometimes gives enemies a "mood change." Sometimes they will get mad, making them unable to shield and hard to control, while in other times they will become sad (with a black cloud and all) which makes them unable to run and attack. The length of these "mood changes" depends on how much damage the enemies have. The chances of getting a mood change is random though. Still, imagining Snake getting hit with this attack is just hilarious. (forward Furniture: You drop a furniture just like in AC. That "poof!" animation can send opponents flying. Just like the show-off move, the force and damage depends on what kind of furniture you pull out. You can only drop three furnitures at a time though. You can drop another one when the other furnitures disappear or gets destroyed. (up Fishing rod: when the hook latches onto an enemy, you can control the direction you want to fling the enemy at. While in air, you can control the hook's direction (although limited). It works like Link's hook shot this way, and is pretty useful for recovery. (down pitfall: I haven't thought much about this move yet, but the idea is you leave a crack discreetly on the ground. Enemies who step on it will fall and get stunned for a moment. You can fall on it too and deal some damage by 'struggling' to get out. GRABS: No idea. jumps: I'm imagining the character will have 3 jumps: 2 normal ones and then holds a balloon for the last one. It works like Yoshi's jump. taunt: change accessory/outfit, maybe? Aanyway, yeah. That's my idea. Maybe they thought of something like that too. But alas, I can only wish. P.S. I want to punch the one who made the rumor in the balls!
  7. So it's confirmed. Game and Watch, young Link and the ICs will be taken off. But why do they have to remove G&W? The li'l guy was rad. He was small in the first game (about the size of Samus) if you didn't know. He was big in the GBA remake though. But yeah, he might be some kind of boss in the game.
  8. bonus

    Nintendo DS

    I agree, the final boss in NSMB is nothing special. Bowser's flame is just too damn slow and easy to dodge. With that said, I think SMW's final boss was the best one.
  9. bonus

    Nintendo DS

    So when will Elite Beat Agents(Ouendan!) come out? I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  10. What really suprised me the most was the appearance of Snake. Noone expected that. *slaps self* This isn't a dream, is it?
  11. hay guyz I've got sum mode ideas too WORLD MODE This is an online mode where you fight peeps in huge maps, or worlds instead of arenas. For example, explore the depths of Norfair or SMB's world 1-2 until you find other players who needs some ass-kicking. So basically it's a 2D side-scroller with Quake-like death matches.
  12. Just like the first Silent Hill. I played through it again without killing Cybil...and got a "very bad" ending. What's up with that?
  13. Looks like they liked it. But seriously, I don't know what to think of this. It's just...plain crazy. It really captured the weird nature of the game. Anyway that doesn't stop me from liking this remix. It even gave me the goosebumps. Good Job, Mazedude.
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