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  1. Ooh oooh! One more question! Can we make multiple submision for the competition?
  2. Are we allowed to post our wips for the competition in the wip section? Or does this have to be a secret kinda thing? And who's judging?
  3. Thanks, the scream is from MK: Shaolin Monks. My scream sucks XD. So yeah, part of it is still legitimately from an MK game!
  4. www.reubenkee.com/music/remixes/Thunder%20God%20Wrath.mp3 Not sure if this belongs here or in other remixes... MK was a game first, but the theme here is from the movie XD Done in electronica/orchestral and lots of nifty drums! Erm... all your comments are belong to us.
  5. Do you have space for a certain cosmo canyon theme that's already on ocremix? Plus, I wouldn't mind expanding on a couple of themes. But.... what's taken and what's available? Would it be possible to post a list of who's doing what?
  6. SirRus: Thanks, they're all reason defaults. Umm... can I know who prefers this version and who prefers the piano/singing only version?
  7. Updated - Strings come in slower at start, high strings and cellos higher volume ranges moderated to not overpower the singing. Same url. Don't forget to empty your caches
  8. Wassup guys. I've added some orchestration to "To Far Away Times." http://www.reubenkee.com/music/remixes/To%20Far%20Away%20Times.mp3 Feedback please. PS: Pixietricks rocks XD PPS: Saw the trailer. Very very nice syncing of the scenes to the music.
  9. I just want to say... Claado did an awesome job with the lyrics for "to far away times", and Jillian... is awesome. She caught the emotion which I was trying to express in the piano perfectly and made it into something beautiful. Good job guys.
  10. So Claado's leaving to find some real adventure in life All the best.
  11. Hi all. Here's my "WIP-so-I-won't-get-kicked-off-for-missing-the-dec-1-wip-deadline". XD http://www.reubenkee.com/music/remixes/To%20far%20away%20times.mp3 Its quite minimalistic, I think.... basically the goal of the arrangement was to try to understand the movements in the melodies and chords for a future revision. Not sure if this'll sound good with a couple of pianos and get more upbeat, or maybe stick to this style. Cheers.
  12. Hi guys, is it possible to automate tempo changes in the middle of the song?
  13. Thanks for the reviews guys, they drive me to submit more Protricity: I'd submit the website song/file but err... the song's not from a game hehe.
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