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  1. have these rappers no shame!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtQgyUITAlI
  2. kak kak kak kak kak

  3. i used to play second life but was banned
  4. Sauzer

    Star Trek

    We should be celebrating the death of Manichean universes in fiction.
  5. real gamers don't have girlfriends
  6. how many wolf t-shirts do you own shadowwolf86
  7. we were forced out in a hostile takeover
  8. you've gotta be fucking joking edit: okay so she gives the baby away and they are dating now and sing a moldy peaches song together and refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend yes that is completely unresolved
  9. http://torrentfreak.com/bittorrent-clients-vulnerable-to-remote-dos-attack-080117/ may be of interest here
  10. Sauzer


    played this basically all day yesterday... it's wonderful :3
  11. Sauzer

    OiNK is dead

    repostin from unmod.org edit: the forums have nothing illegal, mods
  12. Sauzer

    OiNK is dead

    OiNK was awesome and had by far the best selection of any reasonably simple to access tracker. I'm bummed it got killed but my ratio was about to get me in trouble anyway so I don't mind. On to the next big site, eh fellows?
  13. yeah it'd be a ratio godsend if they didn't keep deleting the uploads for violating bit-rate quality standards all in all this album was okay; not offensive at least. can't argue with free music i guess on a side note, i thought this was pretty funny:
  14. Yeah I saw that; it was fucked up. Then again, last.fm is pretty much just some hipsters and you guys. edit: whoa there were 3 pages to this thread whoops
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