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  1. Thanks Mirby! Thanks Chibi_Ma! I've been practicing a little with a regular controller, but I don't know how much that will help me until I actually play it on a dance pad next Monday. In fact, I just beat the game for the very first time tonight on a regular controller (GOSH), but I thought CV1's final boss was easy and yet it took me two weeks to beat it on a dance pad, so... I have no idea what I'm going to do on a dance pad. There's only one way to find out. I can't ignore the final boss forever.
  2. This is a preview of an upcoming album from me. Codenamed "Album 1.5", More Of Me is the bridge between my first and second albums. It is a chiptune EP, and will have 8 solid songs on it. It is being made for soudou of the skrow!media music label (http://skrowmedia.com/skrow/) and will be released May 2011. We're excited to bring this video to you all and we hope that you all enjoy the album upon its release!
  3. I Play Ninja Gaiden... ON A DANCE PAD (Part 11). I beat 6-2!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. That's still awesome, Cyril the Wolf! I Play Ninja Gaiden... ON A DANCE PAD (Part 10). I've made it to Level 6-2!
  5. Metroid Metal... ON A DANCE PAD! Hopefully I'll beat the whole game for YouTube one day!
  6. Mirby: Are you going to MAG? And yeah, I've gotten a few requests for Shatterhand before. Pretty neat game!
  7. I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... ON A DANCE PAD (Part 9). The video you've all been waiting for! I have returned! Also, this explains why I won't be making another dance pad video this week or the next week, and that I will be getting prepared for the next semester and MAGFest 9, all at once. Oh, and I'm bringing my Wii and dance pad to MAGFest, just in case.
  8. Thanks for checking out the video, guys! I appreciate that, even after all this time, you all are still here to watch the upcoming videos.
  9. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=433278761783 It's been over two months since I last made a dance pad video, and figured you all were long over-due an update on my current situation.
  10. I'm on Giant Bomb... again! 4:08 on here: http://www.giantbomb.com/qotw-050810/17-3020/ And here's the original YouTube video:
  11. Thanks! I definitely needed your luck for... I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 8 ). The wait has totally paid off.
  12. Dude, that's awesome. I've also caught myself saying the same even when I'm not playing a game. Unfortunately, DuckTales is harder on a dance pad than Ninja Gaiden. I've given it a test before, and I couldn't believe it. I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 7). And I hate it.
  13. haha! That was good! I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 6). This level actually went better than I thought it would.
  14. I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 5). I'm somewhat impressed-yet-disappointed with my performance here. I can usually get to 4-3 from 4-1 without getting hurt much, but I actually had some trouble here with a dance pad... maybe that's why.
  15. I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 4). Watch me BEAST through Act 3!
  16. I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 3). Finally. Moving on.
  17. I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 2). Act 2 is already frustrating. God help me.
  18. It gets MUCH MUCH worse too... And thanks for watching the video too!
  19. I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 1). This has been requested MANY TIMES by MANY PEOPLE for months now. I hope you all enjoy watching this new series! Also, this series in particular won't be edited, so you will see every failure I make. This means that it might take me four videos to get to Act 3, but we'll see!
  20. -Confirmed amazing games:- Kid Icarus: Uprising Mario Kart 3DS Animal Crossing 3DS StarFox 64 3DS Paper Mario 3DS Resident Evil: Regeneration Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D "The Naked Sample" Sonic Rush 3 Super Monkey Ball 3DS And there's already leaked screenshots of an Ocarina of Time Remake, with upped textures. I knew the 3DS was going to be amazing, but I had no idea it was going to be even better than that.
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