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  1. I made this song back in December 2008 right before MAGFest. This is my first song to work in 7/4 time signature, but it also contains remnants of 4/4 as well. The .mp3 is meant to loop. Here's a video for you people who don't know how to run trackers or own a Mac. http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/AVoluntaryBeating.it - Open-source, original file. Best played/edited in ModPlug Tracker. http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/AVoluntaryBeating.mp3 Let me know what you think! Enjoy!
  2. I love Mazedude. I love Yoko Shimomura. And I've loved this game since I was seven years old. With that said, this song brought back so many good memories and I thought it was extremely cute. This song is just too good not to cherish, and I thank you for making it!
  3. When the song sounded familiar at the 1/3 point, I thought it sounded beautiful, and then the beatz unts unts came in and I thought it sounded incredible at that point. Seriously, this is HOT STUFF. In fact, I even did the Numa Numa dance while listening to it and it felt great. It's really that good. Great job!
  4. Moments of Sadness, Memories of Joy This song was written for a friend. I hope he likes it and I hope that you all do too. Oh, and it loops four times, by the way. My friend refuses to use the Repeat function on any music player. haha
  5. I love DKC 2 music. I love this remix!!! This is amazing!
  6. I'm so proud of you, James. At the rate you were improving, I figured you'd have what it takes to reach OCR's level, and you've done it! Great job, man.
  7. When I first downloaded the demo, I didn't like it very much. After having played my preordered copy (already beaten the original BK on XBLA, by the way. I partially shattered the leaderboards too), I'm liking the game A LOT. Like, my expectations for Nuts and Bolts were extremely low, and now I really like it. The only solution to this is to actually buy the game. If you didn't like the demo, at least rent it THEN play it; I didn't like the demo but I'm LOVING the retail version. I can't stop making new vehicles! This is just so much fun! Also, there's more platforming in it than I thought there would be.
  8. Thanks for the kind words and constructive criticism everyone!
  9. Nope, sorry. I exclusively play by ear, that, or look at the notes of a midi in a tracker and memorize it (HEX for the win). Thanks for the compliments guys! I'll be sure to post more when I get the chance to record again.
  10. Believe me, I really want to make .nsf files. It's just, I have a barrier: figuring out FamiTracker. I'm sure I'll figure it out someday. Also, thanks for checking out my song, RushJet1! Knowing how involved you are in the chiptune scene (and composing the music for a game, no less), it's a true honor to receive your input. I tried contacting you on AIM so I could send you a link to my chiptunes, but every time I talked to you, you signed off immediately. Yeah... that was kinda awkward... I'll probably update this in two weeks, so that it includes a mid-section.
  11. Oh, wow, I thought today was Tuesday. There goes making a song! Due to the lack of time I've had to work on a song--I hate to admit it, but--I did a midi-rip and replaced all of the channels with a VST called TruePiano. I know that midi-rips aren't allowed--I don't even support of them--and so I just wanted to take the time to say that I don't think my name should even belong to the file below, but rather the person who created the midi for this PRC. I just think that TruePiano is a wonderful VST and wanted to share what I can of it. Sure, it may not be original at all, and I'm aware that it would be considered stealing were I to put my name on this song--which I'm not--but I think this would still sound appropriate for Final Fantasy IV were it in the game. Five Years Of Love Credit goes to the midi-creator of this month. I just wish my life gave me more time to work on music again. Of course, I don't even think this qualifies for an Ineligible Song, but I just wanted to post it anyways.
  12. Awesome! I'm totally anticipating the release!
  13. Nario

    Mega Man 9

    I've been working on this run for about four hours now. I hope you all enjoy it. Oh, and please try to ignore the commentary.
  14. Aww yeah, Mr. OverCoat! It's great hearing from you, good sir.
  15. Thanks! About the intro: I wanted to give off the impression that the rest of the song was going to sound just like that. If people didn't like the intro then it would give them a reason to like the rest of the song. I hope the way I executed the surprise is decent at least.
  16. I made a new chiptune, despite being sick and having massive loads of homework!!! It's original, by the way. http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/MechanicalCavern.it - For those who have ModPlug Tracker and want to hear it uncompressed. http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/MechanicalCavern.mp3 - For those who don't have ModPlug Tracker and for whoever wants to listen to it on a media player via PC/MP3 player. It's my first chiptune to have arpeggios in it. 0:53 totally reminds me of Torvus Bog. I hope you all enjoy it!
  17. I played this game a lot on the GBA, and I can't wait to play the 3D version in English. I actually imported Final Mix+ just so I could play Re: Chain of Memories, but now that it's coming out over here (in English, once again for emphasis) I don't have to settle for Japanese anymore. I can't wait until this comes out. Darklink42: I thought it was only our copy of Kingdom Hearts 1 that had more than the Japanese version, thus warranting Japan with Final Mix? If I'm not mistaken, our copy of KHII is the same as Japan's copy, aside from censorship (Hydra's blood, pirate guns, etc.).
  18. So, I thought I had time to work on this awesome source tune, but education classes are taking up more time than expected... Becoming a teacher is putting so much on my plate... With that said, I only had enough time to work on a WIP. It's not finished, I'm not submitting it to be voted on, and I don't have a clue when I'll be able to finish it, but here's what I got. http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/HouseTheObservatoryWIP.mp3 I hope you all enjoy what I could do with what little time I have these days. I might wanna add that it's my first House remix ever, so I'm slightly new to the genre. I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless.
  19. Mine was sent many moons ago. Just thought I'd mention that because I don't frequent this board very much and some may be wondering about quiet ole' me.
  20. Nario

    Psp 3000

    I want a second thumb-stick, dang it.
  21. Caaaaaaaan you feeeeeel the loooooooove tonight! Anyways, I'm looking forward to this album being released soon. It's also good to hear that bLiNd is doing well! I'm so glad everything has turned out for the best!
  22. This song is just simply amazing. I'm at a lack of words at describing how beautiful and natural this song is. Well done!!!!!!!!
  23. If it must be said, I had sent my song to Darkesword via email because I was afraid to post the song here, but I figured I'd go ahead and share it with you guys. This is actually an updated one compared to what I sent Darkesword originally. Nario's Music: Because I don't want to risk losing bandwidth due to direct-linking, I thought I'd go ahead and link you all to my general music page on my website, where you can then go to the Video Game Arrangements section and download the song for yourselves. Darkesword: If you ever see this message, please consider this version the finished one. I felt like something was missing whenever I first sent you the song, and while it may be tedious to say "here's my second finished version!" I feel as though the update is important enough to have you delete the first version and replace it with this one. I'm sorry if there's any inconvenience. bLiNd: I hope you enjoy the song, too. It may not be anywhere as good as your music, but I still wanted to make it for you. Always keep in mind that I appreciate your music and that I hope you'll continue to improve, both in body and mind. Thanks for allowing me to remix a song just for you.
  24. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed his blog. It's such a shame to see him leave, but it was great hearing from his music while it lasted...
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