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  1. Personally, I think it's way too early to speculate what the next-gen consoles will be like, but I do expect them to arrive around 2011.
  2. I remember talking with you about this song on another forum and I'm so glad to see you get accepted at OCR! Congratulations! Also, the production is pretty sweet. The echo/reverb effects applied to your voice makes you sound awesome and it's so calming. Oh, how I long to go to the beach right now... Please post this at VGM3 when it's up. 6/7
  3. Thanks for the comment! I'll have to keep variation in mind for my future mixes...
  4. Chrono Cross > Chrono Trigger (even though the gameplay in CT is better) Xenogears > Xenosaga (XS's story was drawn out oh-so unnecessarily, even though it's awesome when all placed together) Kingdom Hearts II > Kingdom Hearts (even though the Synthesis Shop in KH1 was more enjoyable) Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door > Paper Mario (even though PM is nostalgic, has better music, and has more memorable locations) Donkey Kong Country 3 > Donkey Kong Country 2 > Donkey Kong Country (even though DKC2 has one of the best soundtracks ever) (film) Toy Story 2 > Toy Story
  5. Time Circuit (Artificial Mix) This is a remix of Time Circuits from the legendary game Chrono Trigger. Not only is the source freakin' awesome for Yasunori Mitsuda's first soundtrack, it's a freakin' awesome song period! Um, period. -> . This song is industrial electronica trance and I had another version of it (extremely similar, if I might add) made for December 2006 DoD Chrono Month. Though it came in dead last, I know that there are people that like it (some have even told me so, but they voted on better songs over mine. Oh well, I don't even care if people like my music or what not, but upon hearing that people do brings a smile to my face). And now I present to you the "better" version with a programmed piano that doesn't mess up like I do! Yay!!! <(^o^)> The song title was inspired by Mario Kart 64, as I thought of Mario Circuit and Luigi Circuit. Well, Time Circuits was very similar, so I decided to name it Time Circuit, and for the DoD submission it was named Time Circuit (150cc), making a reference to a race track, if you will. I hope you all enjoy this song. It was freakin' awesome to make a remix of a freakin' awesome song that I've wanted to remix for so freakin' long. Freakin'. Enjoy!
  6. Nario

    Sony PS3

    That's probably the worst excuse I have EVER heard. I may be a Nintendo fanboy, but I must say that there are a lot of games for Xbox 360 that even I enjoy, and Wii is my thing. You could easily say the exact same thing for the Wii, though, because "it doesn't have Final Fantasy XIII!" Here's the thing, though: Super Smash Bros. Brawl isn't even out for the Wii yet, so I guess you shouldn't buy a Wii either because "it doesn't have Super Smash Bros. Brawl!" Seriously, your logic really disturbs me. O.o Nonetheless, Xbox 360 has just so many more worthwhile games than PS3 and Wii, and Wii has more worthwhile games than PS3. If you all don't mind, I will take my time and give out my opinion as to which and how many games are worthwhile on each current-gen console: Xbox 360: - Kameo: Elements of Power - Perfect Dark Zero - Call of Duty 2 - Dead Rising - Gears of War - Viva Pinata - Call of Duty 3 - and more Wii: - Wii Sports - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz - Trauma Center: Second Opinion - Red Steel - Call of Duty 3 - Elebits PS3: - Resistance: Fall of Man - Call of Duty 3 So, according to my opinion, Xbox 360 has more worthwhile games than the other two competitors and Wii has more games than PS3 (ouch). PS3 is going to have to kick it up a notch to stay in the competition, in my honest opinion. Also, I did not include games that will be awesome but are not currently out, therefore getting rid of all the people that are like "Don't get a Wii or PS3 because they don't have Halo 3 or Mass Effect!" or "Don't get an Xbox 360 or PS3 because they don't have Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, or Metroid Prime 3: Corruption!" or "Don't get an Xbox 360 or Wii because they don't have Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy versus XIII, or Devil May Cry 4!" Seriously, buy a console that has a lot of games to choose from, because you might be playing with that for quite a while. To buy a PS3 and wait (im)patiently for Devil May Cry 4 is just ridiculous; play some Gears of War or Banana Blitz while waiting for it. Also, I don't mind if not a single one of you all like Banana Blitz or any of Rare's games for the Xbox 360, because these are just my opinions. Even so, the first two consoles have more worthwhile games than PS3.
  7. Nec5: I changed the drums that you didn't like and I used to love them a lot, but now I've realized that I like the new ones more. So, basically, when the final product comes up I'll be hoping that you like the new ones. I've recorded the first verse and, although I'm not too with the sound of the voice (it's basically just my voice sped up to 1.5x), it will have to suffice. I'll be extremely busy with college and other remixes, so this song might be delayed for quite a while, but please be faithful that I will complete it.
  8. Nario

    Sony PS3

    Wiis are sold out because people keep buying them. Most stores get 15-20, and they're normally gone within the same day. Nintendo has hit the target with its number of titles and Sony hasn't. Combined with Sony's financial troubles, the lack of worthwhile exclusive titles for the PS3, the experience that Xbox 360 has gained throughout the market, and the gameplay delivered by the Wii - along with its semi-great number of exclusive titles - Sony will have to do more than just get more games out onto their console: they'll have to climb out of this financial pit of quicksand without the help of ex-loyal developers. Seriously, though, Capcom has basically switched over to Microsoft, Ubisoft is being split between Nintendo and Microsoft, Mistwalker (what could be considered the modern "Square" company) is with Microsoft, Assassin's Creed will be ported to Xbox 360 due to the fear of PS3 not selling well, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Gun of the Patriots could do the exact same thing, even though Hideo Kojima is/was loyal to Sony. PlayStation isn't looking too good, Nintendo Wii is selling like hot cakes, and Xbox 360's library of titles is absolutely amazing and would be over-looked by someone who has no reasoning (such person has no right to use "it doesn't have my kind of games on it" for the Xbox 360 because it has something that the original Xbox didn't: variety. The titles for Xbox 360 have opened to a wider audience now, thus giving no one the right not to want one. The same could be said about the PlayStation 3, only if it had games for it. ). No one knows how this'll end, but if Sony doesn't get their act together then PS4 may be their last console (Sega Saturn;PS3/Dreamcast;PS4).
  9. But if there's no reward for going through the Cave of Ordeals a second time through, then why bother? I mean, sure, some people get every single collectable in the game (I'm just missing six poes and that's it), thus giving them the right of going through the Cave of Ordeals again without looking obsessed. Not to be negative, but if I were the one playing the game and get everything, I wouldn't bother with that place anymore. Rather, I'd just put the game down, tell all of my friends how great it was, then continue life by starting/continuing a different game.
  10. Nario


    I've been a fan of their music for quite a long time now. Amy Lee just really brings the songs to life, and the classical influences within some of the better songs also add a mixed atmosphere that seem to translate a feeling of awesomeness. lol
  11. Well, I use Vanguard and using the FL filters doesn't work for me for some reason, but I'll figure that out eventually. I've also tried using automation (I've heard that's GREAT for snares and super fast drum rolls it's normally used for). Nec5: "Hair of my Judgment" . No, you totally let me know how you actually liked the song, and I'm quite impressed (you were always the critic pushing me to make a song you'd like, actually, and it somes it's happened now. Thanks for being that critic you always were, seriously. It's been for the best). Thanks for letting me know, because any positive feedback lets me know that I've done something right this time around and that I should keep making music this way so people will be happy. Thanks for the comments, guys! I knew changing my topic title would do something. I just hope that realpolitik doesn't come in and totally say that my song is bullcrap. Also, I've tried using Zerius Vocoder to make my voice sound robotic, but it isn't working the way I'd hope. I wish I could have a pro right next to my side and smack me up. I've considered just ditching it and just flat-out say the lyrics in harmony of the melodies around them (or just making my own melody out of me talking).
  12. Thanks for the plethora of comments. Just to tease you all, the song is now called Candy Hell. In fact, how about I just post the lyrics? ~Lyrics:~ Little children all around the world, going Candy candy candy candy candy candy candy candy It makes me sick just to see them eat and get fat So I'll give them a treat I'll stuff their mouths with candy canes And give them lots of chocolates Just to show them how nice I am Oh looky there, there's a danish treat Why take the time to prepare for the world To listen to your pain, crying for desire No friends or family can help you now So starting your praying 'cause you're entering into Candy Hell We want you, we want you We want you in the candy crew Welcome to my hellish lair Filled with sweet and sourl delights Take your time and look around And see just what's inside 'Cause you'll be living here for quite a while now Eating just what you desire So get a Hershey maybe Baby Ruth And get fat Why take the time to prepare for the world To listen to your pain, crying for desire No friends or family can help you now So starting your praying 'cause you're now in Candy Hell Why take the time to prepare for the world To listen to your pain, crying for desire No friends or family can help you now So starting your praying 'cause you're now in Candy Hell
  13. I swear, this mini-album rocks so much. Awesome work, once again.
  14. New Original song I currently do not have a name for this song, but I will once I write lyrics for it. I structured the song like a song on the radio would be constructed and I intend on singing/talking/something to do with vocals for it. I just wanted to share with you all the instrumental version of this song, as: 1. You might not like the version with lyrics in it. 2. You might just want to listen to music. 3. I wanna get this out here to the public as quick as I can. 4. I want to download it on my other computers. I hope you all enjoy the song, and once I add lyrics to the song then I will upload it, but it will not replace the instrumental link. Tell me what you think, please.
  15. Is anyone passing through Kentucky (Hardin County, to be specific) when going to MAG? If I am able to go, then it would be nice for me to be picked up; we'd split the gas money, no doubt. I really want to go.
  16. I'm looking forward to seeing this project being completed! And, no, I don't want to join it. If I weren't in college, I'd have enough time to join, but I don't, so I'm sorry. Good luck on this!
  17. I love how this sounds like something you'd hear on the Weather Channel. I am currently hearing this on the oc.ormgas.org radio station and I'm loving every second of it. Just wanted to let you know that this sounds great! :)
  18. When I think of rap songs, I normally tend to think they are simple and have no true creativity at all... unless if you consider rhythm to be creativity. O.o However, throughout this song, I was wondering HOW the lyrics got the way they were, for they rocked!!! This is probably one of the best rap songs I have EVER heard and am just posting a simple "thank you for making this song" note down. You all are awesome, every single one of you that made this song! I hope you all are prideful!
  19. Judgment Title: Moontang Maker Of Such Title: Bladiator Comments Made Before Judging: I'm one of the 100 fans of Final Fantasy VIII over at VGMix, so I think I should check this one out. The Moment Of Judgment: At first, I thought this was a straight-up piano arrangement, but as I listened, I noticed that some Latin was included as well, and you had so much at risk too. Nicely done. I know this is odd of me, but since you remixed this song in such a fashion, I might as well tell you. Whenever 0:50 kicked in, I immediately thought of The Sims 1 for the PC, you know, when you're in the neighborhood? Just a thought. Bladiator, this song is so cool, as you not only have a piano going on, but you've got many other things too. This shows the variousness you can create and I believe that expresses your skill in creativity. Great job. Highly recommended. Pro's: - Nice length. - Good samples. - Great panning placements. - Neat transitions. - Awesome piano playing. Con's: - Some of the SFX are too quiet. Suggestions Of Such Judgment: Just increase the dynamics of some samples, but other than that, you've got what it takes. The Fate Of My Judgment: Bladiator, I think this is an interesting take, on your behalf that is. Normally you'd just play the piano, but you've added more this time, and you succeeded! You had so much at risk, but you pulled it off. Nicely done. PM me about your next release, good luck with it, and I hope you take care now. The Type Of Salvation Brought From My Judgment: 94% Final Fantasy, The Sims 1, and piano arrangement fans, as well as people that can listen to anything, are sure to enjoy. Highly Recommended.
  20. Excellent job Jivemaster! It's been a LOOOONG time since I've heard anything *new* from you, so I'm glad to see your name again. Hopefully you'll mix more Sonic music, as I never ever can get enough of those mixes of yours. I really like what you did around 4:20 and so on. That was pretty sweetnessful. I also like your synth's. I know this next part will sound like a praise PM, but to be honest, it was really you that helped contribute the encouragement for me to start mixing music, whether you intended that or not, considering that you wouldn't have known me. I guess it was the percussion from 'rAAw Battery' that really started getting me to think about it and then pxFury submit 'Trippin' on Ecstacy' and that was it. I wanted to become a remixer and you helped! Thanks, if you can understand me that is. ^.^;; Wait, this is still a review or whatever isn't? Whatever. Regardless, good luck with your next remixes, as I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.
  21. Dude, I'm lovin' this song. The samples that you used near the middle were just absolutely astounding, considering this whole song is done in 96kbps quality. ^o^ There was one time my last semester when I was still a Sophomore in high school I brought my cd player and a cd with this song on it. It was during third block. Arts and Humanities. We were watching a movie for the heck of it because other classes were behind of us, so we watched a movie to pass the time and allow the other blocks to catch up with us, so, I was bored and I decided to pull out my RCA $56 cd player with MP3/WMA compatibility. I was listening to this song and a girl to the left of me asked what I was listening to. I told her some kind of geeky response, such as: watch the movie. shh, you're loud. Or something of that nature. She wanted to listen to this song. I gave her the headphones. She listened for a while and asked me if I got this at "pornomusic.com" I was like, "Whoa! If I ever said that on OCR, I'd get either in so much trouble or be popular like metroid684!" So, now I've decided to tell you that someone actually thought your music is porno music! lol Really, I don't care what it sounds like to me. This song is so awesome yo. I give this a 94.7. Take care!
  22. Dude. This song is so awesome! I thought that the original music was awesome to begin with, but you made up more! Congrats! I just LOVED the chorus! It is well arranged. Instead of just having that part in the song like the original, you made it as your chorus! Rock-on yo! "Echidna! That's what I'm representing!" That's too cool. To be honest with you, I did find something wrong with it. You forget the lyrics that sounded cheesy. Maybe you did this on purpose. I just thought it would have been way better with those playing at the same time. That's just my opinion. Not many people like those lyrics of the song anyways. Anyways, uber-schwaness! 94.7 out of 100 - DJ15Nario
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