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  1. Had this downloaded since early in the morning. (Yeah, I guessed the torrent url, and checked to see if it actually existed on the server ahead of release.) The album is very awesome.
  2. Alternatively, keep an eye on the $50 level. Somebody either upgraded or downgraded their pledge, and as a result, opened up a spot in that level. I don't have to worry, since I already secured a spot right from day one.
  3. And there is the risk of failing, if somebody decides to pledge $250 right now.
  4. And the rights to demand any previous release have physicals made, of which, copies to $100 backers and up.
  5. On that note, amazon, the provider that deals with payments, does not even pre-authorize whatever debit/credit card is in use, before the day and time the funding is to actually happen. This means if you will have the means to make that required payment come the time it will be taken, which is 29 days from now, you can go ahead and put the pledge in now, and reserve your spot.
  6. What the heck happened to the Kickstarter page? I just refreshed it to see how many new backers, and how much more funded it was, and was instead greeted with "Sorry, this project is no longer available.".
  7. The only torrents that I see, are dated 2009-03-06, (OCR00001-OCR01000), and 2009-09-09, (OCR01001-OCR01900), and these are the ones I did my checks against.
  8. I have created a few automated tools for catching up what I have, and verifying the hash on everything downloaded. In the process, I have come across the following MP3s that are in direct conflict hash wise. Also, Torrent OCR00001-OCR01000 is out of date by the way, as it still contains a song that was part of the Pre-OCR01500 Removal Process (Lockdown 2), specifically OCR00141 - Pilotwings 64 'Birdman (Clear Skies Mix)' The hash conflicts are in: (All of them have different tags between site and torrent. Worse, some people are unwittingly torrenting their complete collection, that they have downloaded from the site, without letting the client actually verify that 100% of the files are correct, resulting in bad pieces going out.) OverClocked_ReMix_OCR00001_to_OCR01000.torrent - OCR00990 - Final_Fantasy_6_Rachels_Gift_OC_ReMix.mp3 OverClocked_ReMix_OCR01001_to_OCR01900.torrent - OCR01500 - Tales_of_Phantasia_The_Koan_of_Drums_OC_ReMix.mp3 - OCR01617 - Final_Fantasy_7_Short_Skirts_OC_ReMix.mp3 Then, the following files have hash conflicts between what is on the site, and what is on ALL 4 mirrors. Hash is incorrect, no matter which mirror the file is downloaded from. OCR02328 - Legend_of_Zelda_Ocarina_of_Time_Thunderstruck_OC_ReMix.mp3 OCR02363 - Cave_Story_The_Unbroken_OC_ReMix.mp3 OCR02364 - Super_Smash_Bros_The_Life_and_Death_of_Kirby_OC_ReMix.mp3 OCR02365 - Chrono_Trigger_By_the_Old_Mill_OC_ReMix.mp3
  9. Took me a bit to figure out what parts are song together, and how, in Act 3-12, under Happens like this. (Grouped, where 1 & 1 is together, 2 & 2 is together, and so on. 1 Together, we'll fight for our world, 1 (Fire from) 2 And protect it from this fiend 2 (within) 3 We must prevail 3 *Let me teach you how to suffer, 4 My hate is supreme,* 4 (Essence born) 5 *And you will not stop me!* 5 (of hate) 6 Never we will lay down to, 6 (Cleansing) 7 Your sick and twisted lunacy 7 (bloodstained wings) 8 *Life will cease when all is destroyed,* 9 *I will bring the end,* 9 (Deep beyond) A *So come and meet your fate!* A (Hell's gates) Yes, this track is awesome. ----- Also, who skipped putting in the lyrics for 2-02 Metal Mage? Anyway, it consists of these lines. Come on people, I want metal faster, faster yeah break it down yeah guitar solo That was Awesome