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  1. I've been waiting since 2 PM. Saw the message blizzard posted, so decided to do some reading for English. Once 3:55 came around, I looked over some quests on thottbot and the instance I'm gonna do tonight. And I've been refreshing the realm list every minute. Blizzard makes me cry. *tear*
  2. Heh, no problem man. But I guess I have to be more careful before I actually hit the "submit" button next time. I read the posts I wrote, and man are they confusing. (Hmm... Maybe I have trouble putting my thoughts down into words... correctly... so that other people get what I mean.) I'll try to work on that next time. Have you any other songs you plan to remix? I think the FF6 Boss Battle Theme is pretty cool. In fact, I'm thinking of doing it. I copied down the score from the SPC like 3 years ago, so I might as well write an arrangement and get it over with. But then again, I have no pro
  3. Heh, no need to get offended here. I guess I just made some wrong assumptions. When you shift your hands up and down... let me give you the times. Maybe that'll clear it up: 0:45 It could be somewhat more even... but if it was intentional, great. 0:50 There is a slight delay. Sounds a bit choppy. Basically, those two transitions. The first time I listened to the song, I noticed these two distinctly. But now that I'm listening to it over and over again, I don't notice them anymore. Arpeggios: you missed a note at 0:22... Yes, I'm being a bit critical. But that's what
  4. As my piano teacher always says to me, "It could use a bit more practice..." Actually, it's quite *wince* nice. But there are a slight delays when you shift your hands up/down. A minor? I woulda done the same thing. I hate the black keys. Not enough sound, and they're so far away. (That's why I'm a Chopin hater. Too bad I love his music after I get it down. Heh.) Arpeggios at the beginning are nice. But get them down! Gotta play them at 92 bpm with 4 notes per beat. The "maintaining the themes provoked by the original song" is also kinda iffy there. But that's what a rendition is suppose
  5. Hahah, this is great! I decided to go to my dad's workplace last friday, and when I was there, I d/led all of the FF and CT music off of ocremix. (I have 56k.) When I got home, I went through the songs... too bad I listened to this one for five seconds and then skipped it. But then when I came back, I thought it was hilarious! It took me 5 times before I could understand half of the lyrics though. (I'm such a chink. ) So... anyone want to type the lyrics? EDIT: Never mind! They were on the flash video!
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