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  1. I've been waiting since 2 PM. Saw the message blizzard posted, so decided to do some reading for English. Once 3:55 came around, I looked over some quests on thottbot and the instance I'm gonna do tonight. And I've been refreshing the realm list every minute. Blizzard makes me cry. *tear*
  2. Heh, no problem man. But I guess I have to be more careful before I actually hit the "submit" button next time. I read the posts I wrote, and man are they confusing. (Hmm... Maybe I have trouble putting my thoughts down into words... correctly... so that other people get what I mean.) I'll try to work on that next time. Have you any other songs you plan to remix? I think the FF6 Boss Battle Theme is pretty cool. In fact, I'm thinking of doing it. I copied down the score from the SPC like 3 years ago, so I might as well write an arrangement and get it over with. But then again, I have no professional instruction in music theory, and I have no experience in remixing. And I haven't touched my piano in... 8 months? (Yep. I'm a slacker.) The only things I have are my (semi) perfect pitch and about 5 years of instruction. The FF4 World Map theme (the first one) is pretty cool too. I fiddled with it on the piano some time ago, and I have about 1:30 down. But it's really just copying the theme from the game, with some random arpeggios here and there. Maybe I'll actually write the scores down... Would you want to take a look at them?
  3. Heh, no need to get offended here. I guess I just made some wrong assumptions. When you shift your hands up and down... let me give you the times. Maybe that'll clear it up: 0:45 It could be somewhat more even... but if it was intentional, great. 0:50 There is a slight delay. Sounds a bit choppy. Basically, those two transitions. The first time I listened to the song, I noticed these two distinctly. But now that I'm listening to it over and over again, I don't notice them anymore. Arpeggios: you missed a note at 0:22... Yes, I'm being a bit critical. But that's what I do. A thought: Are you overemphasizing *too much* your first notes? They tend to stick out. A lot. But it's probably just because my ears are too sensitive. As for the theme of the song. I dont' know. What do you think about when you listen to the original? Again, didn't mean to piss you off. Just if you play it next time, these might be areas to think about.
  4. As my piano teacher always says to me, "It could use a bit more practice..." Actually, it's quite *wince* nice. But there are a slight delays when you shift your hands up/down. A minor? I woulda done the same thing. I hate the black keys. Not enough sound, and they're so far away. (That's why I'm a Chopin hater. Too bad I love his music after I get it down. Heh.) Arpeggios at the beginning are nice. But get them down! Gotta play them at 92 bpm with 4 notes per beat. The "maintaining the themes provoked by the original song" is also kinda iffy there. But that's what a rendition is supposed to do, right? Overall, like pretzel said, challenging. I wouldn't have taken this one. Very good job!
  5. Hahah, this is great! I decided to go to my dad's workplace last friday, and when I was there, I d/led all of the FF and CT music off of ocremix. (I have 56k.) When I got home, I went through the songs... too bad I listened to this one for five seconds and then skipped it. But then when I came back, I thought it was hilarious! It took me 5 times before I could understand half of the lyrics though. (I'm such a chink. ) So... anyone want to type the lyrics? EDIT: Never mind! They were on the flash video!