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    Atop Mount Lalkila, waiting for the next challenge...
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    Let's see... Pokémon. Borderlands 2. LEGO (the actual bricks, not the games). Occasionally movies. Maybe sometime music?

    Wow, I'm really not impressing anyone with this, am I?


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    Once, a long time ago, someone had the idea of giving me access to a computer connected to the internet.

    Short version: it's went less than ideally.
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    Gerry Wheatley
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances

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  1. May I assemble my ideas of a Tetris mix for your GameBoy project, as a demonstration and application to claim it?

    Here's my best remix (and only Judges-approved piece, to soon be posted) perhaps as a sort of audition: http://tindeck.com/listen/kzuo

    (I'm also nintendude794 on SoundCloud and most everywhere online, but I can't link you to my SoundCloud's newer, slightly remastered--LionTamer had me adjust the volume a tiny bit--copy of the above audition mix because my school's Wi-fi blocks SoundCloud)

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