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    X-13, an interdimentional link between multiple universes. Such as the Mushroom Kingdom, Mobius (Sonic the Hedgehog's world), the Pokémon world, Minecraft, Terraria, etc. My main town I like to hang out in is Lavender Town though...
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    I play a lot of video games, I am into speedrunning as well as 100% completions, LEGOs (the bricks, as well as the games), I have built a seven inch tall LEGO Lugia from Pokémon, as well as a accurate model of a Polaris Slingshot (size is proportional to a LEGO mini figure). I have made many remixes (my favorites being of Lavender Town), and I am planning on sending an idea for a new Pokémon game to Nintendo (hope it gets published)!

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  1. Holy crap! I have played this game and aced it 100%, this was by far my favorite track from the game, and this remix surpassed the original! I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm yelling, but this song is really nostalgic for me. I find myself humming this song to myself at random sometimes. I love it!
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