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  1. Hi, I'm Accelerate13/HaxTheCharizard! I'm technically "new" in the sense that I haven't had much online presence apart from mods I have created for a handful of games, but I stumbled across the only comment I ever made on this site while talking with friends yesterday and managed to figure out my login... so you may be seeing me around quite a bit in the near future! I first tried my hand at making remixes around eight years ago at this point, but it initially fell through due to a lack of resources and experience. Since then, I got into modding Minecraft and Enter the Gungeon, in which I have been quite successful. My main Gungeon mod is in the top five most popular custom characters, and I've gotten to work with the very modders which inspired me to get into modding Minecraft as well. My original username was just a combo of my favorite/lucky number and the fact that I had a tendency to rapidly learn and improve at anything I tried, with my new username being in reference to the name I would give any rom hack saves I played (HAX was very fast to type in for many classic GBA/SNES/N64/etc games) as well as Charizard just being one of my favorite 'mons. I look forward to becoming a part of this community!
  2. Holy crap! I have played this game and aced it 100%, this was by far my favorite track from the game, and this remix surpassed the original! I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm yelling, but this song is really nostalgic for me. I find myself humming this song to myself at random sometimes. I love it!
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