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  1. This is excellent work. If the composer who did the music for FFXII remixed this track, this is what would come out. Personally though, I don't like the new music style. It lacks personality somewhat, and bite. That's just my personal preference for games though, your work is in itself flawless.
  2. "...but I actually think Square could get some new fans by reviving the essential concept of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - in other words, RPGs for dummies." FF:MQ bombed far more than FF8 As for the track, I thought it sounded a bit uninspired at first until it changed gears so to speak. ^^ Now I just think it's awesome!
  3. Okay, I checked it out, and it's called Final Battle in the chiptune.
  4. I downloaded the chiptune, and there doesn't seem to be a song with that name on it. Is it the song you get when you enter Daos' Shrine or the bottom of the Ancient Cave you mean? : /
  5. I was playing it just now and I thought how some of the pieces have quite a bit of potential if the got a chance with some real-sounding instruments. Just a suggestion : )
  6. They're making a third album? I hope they let someone other than Uematsu arrange the tracks this time around then : P You'd think the man has never heard the expression "less is more".
  7. Somehow made me think of the Mega Man X series (which is a good thing in my book). Perhaps one of the final levels in some creepy virused-up world? : ) Basically, I'm wondering why this isn't in some game yet ^^
  8. The problem is... it's just not as good as most of the other ones : / It's mostly based on her main theme anyways, but because of this it's not particularly unique-sounding. The regular boss battle theme is far more interesting I think. : )
  9. Yeah, there is isn't there? : D The game's great too. : )
  10. Well, I do appreciate you giving it attention : ) I'm gonna learn to do these myself so I won't have to bother you guys as much ~~
  11. I can't believe there isn't a single remix of this game on the site! For the genre it has excellent music, especially levels 5,6 and 7. Here's the chiptunes: http://www.project2612.org/details.php?id=32
  12. Oh! Total coolness! Sorry for not replying earlier. I rarely check in here nowadays. ^^ Well, I've listened to it now, and although I have no skills in this territory I'm a bit disappointed. It sounds like the melody was simply slowed down and the instruments replaced by inferior ones : /
  13. This is a track that I've been searching after for forever, but now that I finally found it I'm a bit disappointed. It's obvious that the song is bloody excellent, but the quality of the instruments is just too low to do it justice. I'm sure there are masters of the bombastic out there ready to chisel out the real awesomeness that is contained within the shell of this track. Yay! Go for it! : ) http://www.retrogaming.it/music/souledge.htm It's the eleventh track from the top.
  14. Bloody excellent this one. Easily the best remix of this song done to date. Basically, this is how it should have been. (Maybe you can do the final tier sometime ) My only reservation is that the sound is low. It's highly possible that I'm just a noob who doesn't know how to fix it, but to enjoy this track I have to raise the volume by a lot.
  15. Yeah, it was good but a little too minimalistic perhaps. I still think these songs deserve more remixes
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