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  1. How's this: Comments? Suggestions? Flames? Wow! That's great! I absolutely love it. Good Job.
  2. Umm, If it isnt too much trouble, could you or someone make me a sig? I would really like something with Kilik from Soul Calibur 2 in it, or a sig with a Helghast(from Killzone) in it. Either one is fine, but preferrably a Helghast sig, with my username in it somewhere. As far as colours go, I would like a kinda black-ish colour, or just something dark. Thanks a lot!
  3. I'm... I'm speechless... I love it! Thank you sOoOoOo much!
  4. If it's at all possible, could you make me a sig? Name: Black Anima Theme: kinda dark-like Colours: Dark colours, black Text: Feel my pain... Thanx a bunch dude!
  5. True that. I still haven't beat him, and I was amazing at the game. Try bringing a friend over... they seem to have good luck... and whenever you collapse from a pirate-induced coma ,they can cover for you... the ploblem is....I never found that last missle tank... but its nessessary that you grab every tank... or powerup you can get your hands on.... hand and a gun on.... and after reliving the PRIME nightmare... you're in for hell Actually, almost every boss in that game I only beat when I had a friend over. Maybe it is some sort of good luck thing... As for energy tanks, I have every single one that I could get at this point, and I have most of the missle upgrades. Omega Pirate would be no problem if it wasnt for his lackey pirates. Those are the guys that end up killing me in the end. But thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind. Oh, and Hell won't be a problem.
  6. True that. I still haven't beat him, and I was amazing at the game.