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  1. ok, i lied. aside from zelda and disco dan's mixes of it... THIS is the best thing on the oc. yes. it is amazing, over and over again i play it.
  2. i dare anybody... anyone.. to try and come close to this remix. if my werd means anything (which it prolly doesnt hahaha), i will go on to say that this rmeix.... is the BEST OF THE BEST.. the best thingt o happen to ocremix. nothing more can be said, no use in disecting the king. reign on disco dan
  3. this is disco dan gone serious. i repeat. this is disco dan... gone... serious! this remix is so damn serious, folks, im talking nothing but the right stuff. funky banjo stringy thingy, whatever it may be. i love when i can hear a song and think, "hey, there's an instrument my grama can enjoy in this remix". theres something about rmeixes that bring techno and striongs, winds, etc etc into the mix. old eras meeting new eras. its a very special thing,personally. disco D. timeless, fun, classic, masterpiece. oh, so serious.
  4. i just feel like reviewing disco dan's masterpieces hehe. right now, its on this one. me and my wife jam to this jam. we have our own dance moves to it. haha. we do a special robot dance to it. discop dan, if u can make us have a geeky dance to a song u remixed, then its a success.
  5. i am sorry, but this remix had me doin some salsa moves almost. it was very enjoyable. good stuff. amen and kudos. it has a few diff styles in it. nice werk .
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