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  1. Well, Liquid Ocelot will be in MGS4,so I think you should take him out, but change it to another Metal Gear Boss.
  2. Wow, I didn't think this would be out so soon. That might be because my eye was on the other projects. This was a very cool project you guy's put up. Will there be another Street Fighter project (Alpha or SF3)cuz, this came out good? Oh well, This goes on my iPod right away. Good jod to everyone in this project.
  3. I hope so, you know what they say "The more the merrier." Any Belmont would be cool with me, but has any body thought of new area's to go to beside Belmont's throne room. I would like to see more "special" stages like the battlefield and Final Destination.
  4. OK...stupid qustion for an easy answer...How do you import MP3 files in FL? Everyone's saying you can now load them but I not seeing it. Can someone please tell me how?
  5. I dont know about that but my friend has truble with his MIDI files when I got FLstudios5 my MIDI stoped working. What do i do? can you help?
  6. YES! this got in, I hoped it did. I do like this one alot. Too much (#1 in a lot of my C.D.s). I do like Zero's theme a lot and this is good. I don't think this is THE remix of his theme song. I do like a lot ....Did I just say that? The voice is cool. The Z-saber strikes are a nice sound too. DJP says it's good but I like to think of it as Zero's theme mix better the Proitcity Brainstick Metal (X's theme mix if you asked me). Very cool
  7. Mr.pretzel I listen to this song 24/7. It my 2 favoite song, not just remix. A 10/10 all the way. You have to make more. Just like the otherguy said. YOU CAN SING.
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