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  1. you know, you're right. it's just been so long since i'd played it, i couldn't remember exactly. i did at least think that julius did help the main char. at some point, though, right? also, since this is fight 2 music, which plays during the 1st round of (well, technically 2nd) the last boss, you are beginning (IMO) the the end of the game at that point, thus the title was dubbed also, how did you find out the titles of the music? no, I dont think he ever did. he was just a gemma night that was in league with dark lord. what happened to dark lord? I know that you kill him in the remake (sword of mana), but I cant recall how he dies (if he does) in the original. bah, it doesn't matter. great remix, from one of the first games I ever played Actually, Julius *did* help the hero at one point near the start of the game - he disguised himself as a guy and helped you fight your way through the Marsh Cave (he shot fireballs). He did this because he needed to find out if the girl who Kett kidnapped was the one carrying the Pendant of Mana. He then proceeded to kidnap her himself after you both reach the town of Wendel.
  2. It reminds me of something from a fantasy film, like Legend or Labirynth... I'm sure I've heard it in a film before...?
  3. Gah! This is REALLY bugging me... Was this tune used in any other games? I recognise this music from somewhere else other then FF1 but I can't remember where else I've heard the melody before. Somebody tell me before it drives me mad? Hehe.
  4. This is INCREDIBLE. I love the power and emotion of this piece, it takes me back to when Zelda 3 was the latest Zelda game to be released - I loved it SO much, I was totally obsessed by it's majesty. Thank you, Disco Dan, for recapturing that feeling for me!
  5. This is excellent! A melodic slow start, you think it's going to be a mellow harmonic piece - and when the beat increases and draws you in... you can't get enough. The wind instrument tune feel like a summer day in a garden. I mean, really - that's the picture I get EVERY time I listen to this remix. I love it!
  6. I loved this remix, the soft melodies and easily recognised tune were warming, uplifting and saddening at the same time. I heartily recommend this to anyone who likes emotional music. Although it's 2:27 long, at the end of it I always feel like it's only just started and finished too soon. A sign of a great piece of music, that it leaves you wanting more!
  7. Wow. I'm, like, totally speechless here! This is incredible, the banjo (while not my fave instrument, rocked!) really gave a cool twang to the music, and the violin sound really echoed in my mind, I could imagine the strings getting louder and louder surrounding my head with rhythm and melody. The tune itself is lively and energetic, so coupled with the emotion presented in the background it went wonderfully... I love this remix SO much!
  8. This piece is simply beautiful, you guys! The darkness, the foreboding, the pain and dispair - such an wonderfully imaginitive title to give you a small taster of what the track itself has in store. This remix really did move me, I can feel my heart ache when I listen to this, a longing for release from hopelessness... *ahem* I mean, truly emotional stuff! Excellent!
  9. I'd not played this game for about a year when I found this track on OCR (I have the game way back from when it was originally titled Mysic Quest) but as soon as I got past the opening bar, I instantly recognised the 'overworld' music - presented in a really inspiring way. This piece is lively, friendly and most of all, fun to listen to - it immediately went right in as one of my favourite mixes! As an aside - is it my imagination or did Compyfox also do a remix from this game's soundtrack, 'Mission of Mana'? I can't find it on here, even though I already have it on my computer... I loved that emotionally moving piece too!
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