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  1. I like it. Mabey not the most technically complex piece ive ever heard, but sometimes simple is better. This is a piece I can just sit back and listen to. Its relaxing, its soft, its...gentle, is a term i would use i guess. No harsh chords, no nasty edges, no distorted and strained harmonies or melodies. etc etc and so-on. mabey it could be a little better, i have a pretty good ear but lack the technical knohow to say just how it could be better, so kudos to you, great mix, keep em coming. I look forward to your next work
  2. very nice...it leaves me reminded of the track "Can you Fly Sister" from Seiken Densetsu 3....very happy, very good musical imagery...if such a thing exists. I like it.
  3. Beautiful....moved me enough to actually post here...very well aranged. and yes it does remind me of the titanic theme...it has to do with that...whatever that higher pitched windsoundingtypething that im not entirely sure what it is... =D
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