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  1. this song is perfect, every voice, lyric, note and tone. its clean, has addictive & touching lyrics it has the " repeating but never getting bored " tag on it. its truly brillaint and awesome, i know alot of others dont agree but all i can say, you go thru 5 operations to keep ur hearing intact and speech therapy 3 times so u know how to talk and tell me that this isnt perfect. - so far in my life, ive never heard anyone sing better than the way pixie has in this song. keep it up pixie please
  2. here here i second that and i gotta say hadyn is pretty rocking, travelling thru a dream and party in the emerald hills r awesome
  3. thissssssss is one of the few songs that made my mouth hit the floor in amazment,i remember the orginal clear as a bell it was fav song, and this is brillaint and beyond. the orginal was drums, andn guitars, u really hit it head on with full force - 10/10 hand down
  4. This song was my frist ever remnix i downloaded from here, i loved the orginal of this, and when i heard this, i decided to come back for more, its always in eveyr playlist i have, anything to be said about this remix has been said already this truly kicks ass, its really nice and relaxxing and as one said, its repeteive but u dont actually seem to get sick of it ever - truly brillaint
  5. Between Krools theme, boss theme, and the ship hold theme i recon ud get quite a good sound those 3 rock so much love them to pieces
  6. Yeah im trying to figure out the parts in the track.. The intro from 0.00 to 1.04 - seems to the backing of the " Klubba " theme sounds like something else is over the top of it, but i maybe wrong, the trumpet is defently playing the Klubba theme. from 1.05 to 1.33 is the whole Klubba theme. from 1.34 to 4.10 could be 2 songs mixed into 1, im not 100% sure, and im really not sure which song(S) they are, one sounds like the " Ice " level theme, but i really cant say for sure. 4.14 to 5.10 - is my second most fav track form the game - the boss music this is a stunning great remix in the track i cant stop listening to it, espically the part where the kettle drum does like a cluster strike instead of 1. brillaint from 5.10 till end - i have no idea which song this was, i dont think its the game over or the ending credits thou it sounds like it is. Top notch work Protricity, any chance u tell us which music tracks it really was please hehe
  7. Sonic 2 - Mystic Cave I hated the orginal game version of this song, this remix is totally flucking awesome ! lovin it ! Those saw and drill effects are just ace hope to hear more soon
  8. heh, the special stage was my second fav song from this game the first being the robotnik theme, I _Never_ thought this would hit a remix, but i can only say, since ive heard it, its never been off, i even play it when i play games online, which i once again _never_ do, truly a enjoyable remix, very nice work =) 10/10
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