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  1. While I don't post much (obviously) I've been getting ReMixes here for years.. And I must say this has made its way to my favorite work ever. Easily the most beautiful track I've ever heard. The arrangement and vocals worked very well together. I would not be disappointed, or surprised, if Pixietricks ever appeared as a singer for an OST of a Final Fantasy.
  2. Screams could have been toned down a little but other than that, a very well done mix. I've actually had the mix for a couple of years now but I never thought of the idea that he used Daffy's voice to represent Kefka. Great idea. Both are certainly insane, and the voice of Daffy is pretty close to what I'd imagined for Kefka anyway. The menu curser thing was blended well into the song, it fit well. And like almost everyone else has said the aggrivated player added a great touch as well
  3. It's been years since I played the game, so I didn't recognize the song at first. Really well done ReMix, love the beat especially.
  4. While it was nicely done, and sounds great, I just can't recognize the airship theme in it. Not until the closing seconds when the medly is actually played out =/ It's good listening anyway.
  5. While well-played, this kind of jazz is not my particular cup of tea. I more like the style used in the ReMix "Belmont Lounge". Give it a 3/5 though.
  6. Very well done Takes a good hand to take a song like Jenova, fast-paced and techno.. And make it into a slower paced piano piece like that.
  7. Long time listener (Remember the old orange-colored OCR site? Haha yeah) first time poster.. Must say I'm glad to pick this song for my first one too. Very well put together, mixed the two songs very well. My new favorite Zelda64 ReMix
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