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  1. This piece is just a big, sweet yum-yum! I love smooth jazz and chill music and this is just a great piece... It makes me thing of guys like Boney James when listening to this song. I'm SO happy to have this on my computer and MP3 player. A song I will listen to forever.
  2. To explain why I typed that subject, one will need to understand what Castlevania is. Castlevania is chaos...a beautiful chaotic entity that sparks awesome adventures and grave dangers. Anyway, this remix showcases what Castlevania is all about...sweet beautiful chaos. The Japanese woman voice is like the whispers of spirits that you just can't or barely understand. The switching of beats and styles was a treat for my ears and mind, and the overall package of the song makes it one of my absolute faves that will never leave my MP3 Player. I will agree that the song is not rhythm friendly and undanceable, but the purpose of the song is not for me to do the Hustle or Bump N' Grind with a hot woman. It meant to be mind candy, to tease the order in your life with the flavor of chaos. Shnabubula, you did a sweet job and your talents will never go unrewarded, thank you.
  3. McVaffe, you deserve kudos for all of the work you did on this mix and other mixes you did in the past. You are my most respected remixer and regardless where you go in life or what people say (I read that guy's comment comparing you to Disco Dan, whom is a great remixer to me), you will always have my respect.
  4. I'm hooked, plain and simple. One of the best remixes in my collection based on one of my all-time favorite Zelda games. Disco Dan, you deserve every praise you get. Excellect work!
  5. This is a great remix that I had in my music collection for quite a while. NoppZ is a great remixer with other faves like Kefka Goes West. This is a remix that deserves to be honored and treasured for the good work done and the joy it brings to those that played Mega Man 2 and remember the original beats. NoppZ, I tip my hat off to you.
  6. All I have to say is this... Goat, you are the man! This is a very passionate and potent remix. The best parts of this is the beginning to 1:30 and around 4:06. Those are some excellent emotion smashers for me. I love Rush N' Attack (As tough as it is, since I have never beated it) and I'm very happy this piece. Excellent work!
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