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  1. the drums on this song kick major ass. the addition of the guitars hrlped give this song some depth. the guitars going crazy with a solo part was just right. kudos. A
  2. who would have thought to do a remix of smb with a rock style twist? Not me! this song is great. Nothing is wrong with it in any way. Steady drum beat keeps the song going. but when the guitars come in to help carry the song...OMG its great. Definetly reccommended. A+
  3. this mix was composed really nicely. i loved how it mixed all my favorite songs from the mario games in this. High quality sound, great songs, i reccommended it.
  4. i would have to agree with djpretzel that this song is good. i mean how many live remixes are there on this site? not to many. It could have been better. but the fact that it is live and that most of you probally couldnt do any better at palying it on guitar anyway. B+
  5. I for one did like the addition of the rock style drums. It gave a real soft song like this and make it into something new. By far the best prelude Remix ive heard by far. Like djpretzel, Bravo!
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