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  1. sorry, hold on a sec. updating the software on my comp. links in a moment... edit: Okay, there is a download link for the album in MP3 or WAV format (.rar). Later I'll add the individual MP3s to that page. http://housethegrate.net/?p=94
  2. Hello, I found this thread and wanted to respond. Yes, you can absolutely still purchase Houseworks. I am currently building a new website which is live and viewable, though I haven't started plugging it at all yet since it's still a work in progress. There is a working Paypal form to order a hard copy of Houseworks. The album is also now available as a free download, either in MP3 or WAV format. http://housethegrate.net
  3. Just want to remind everyone that Ice is infinitely greater than Fire. And if you haven't ordered my album yet, now's the time to do so! I'm quite literally living on album sales and change I find on the street.
  4. Dude, EonBlue did a fucking beautiful job on the artwork. Everyone I show it to in person is way surprised by how professional it looks. Seriously, guys. It means a lot to package up every single order. It took me so long to finally have this album done, and to know that some of you care enough about my music to buy it is a really cool feeling. mDuo - although many of these songs have been previously released, they've all been remastered. Some have been completely remixed, or even re-recorded.
  5. Order here $10. Free shipping to US and Canada through Dec 31. Hey guys, today is very special for me because it's the release of my album, Houseworks. description from my website: Houseworks is what I've been trying to achieve for over 4 years. This collection of tunes dates from September '04 through November '06. Some of these songs are available online for download. But with the exception of two tracks, all have been remastered, and some have been completely remixed or otherwise reworked. A large variety of styles are explored on this album. Rock/metal is my foundation, but I delve into jazz, classical, funk, even something like Renaissance music, among others.
  6. Well, I have been criticized before for staying too close to the original (Seized with Fury).
  7. Cheesus Crust, you guys. This argument has been beaten nearly to death. The only reason it's not actually dead is because people will always disagree on it! I don't give a fuck if someone thinks my arrangements "stay true" or not, because the arrangement is my creation. This is all I have to say on the matter.
  8. It would be more accurate to call them Demos. Calling it a WIP implies that it's not finished, but eventually will be. I can't speak for the public opinions, because I don't think on it that much. But I can see how someone might get that impression.
  9. That's far better than getting no reaction at all from you. I'll take it!
  10. I remember back in March, I think, Snappleman kicked me from the project because I was late on my song. I freaked out and finished the rest of it in like two days so I could get back on board. Hahaha. Seems funny in retrospect. Anyways, it's cool to be a part of this project.
  11. I'm releasing my album on December 1. It'll have about 70 minutes of vgm arrangements. Is that enough for you? Infos on my website. Thanks for the comments, dudes. It means a lot.
  12. I still think this song should have won in DoD that month. One of my favorite arrangements.
  13. I wonder if I'm the only one on this project who has never played the game. Blasphemy, I know. But I never owned any Sega systems.
  14. Sorry, but nothing will ever trump Summertime.
  15. I'll state the obvious and say, fresh fucking teaser! I just made a thread on theshizz.
  16. Yo, Chicken. My bro and I tried listening to your track last night, but it wouldn't play on the XBox. Hadyn, surely there can't be that much work left to do.
  17. Hey, I'm too lazy to go back and read through back pages. What kind of information do we need to submit for the website, and to whom?
  18. Damn, foo'. I guess we're just different apples from the same tree.
  19. It's kinda hard to not look forward to the project release when it's got one of your own songs on it. Especially one that took me a good six months to finish.
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