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  1. Is there a published uncompressed version? It may be a "style" but I can't listen to this track as is because it sounds like my niece is playing with the volume control. She's 2. A shame because I generally love all things Green Hill Zone :(
  2. As from the thread title, I'm looking to buy Housethegrate's album Houseworks, preferably hard copy. Took a few hours of finessing The Google, but I found what looks to be Housethegrate's current site. (I've read the forum stickies, hope this is alright to put this) http://housethegrate.net Problem is is it really him? No contact button the .net site. His old .com site is no longer in service. Forum profile says he hasn't been on OCRemix since Feb. 2008 so private message looks out' the question. There are a lot of fake sites selling music they don't have. I want to buy this album, but
  3. Love the source and, from what I can hear, this sounds like a really good mix. Unfortunately much of the melody track, the part I really want to listen to is drowned out by compression. Is that white-noise/fuzz in the last seconds of the track from amplifying the file? I would love to hear a less-compressed version. Sorry, I'm just a picky old man. I do like the melody, although suppressed as it is.
  4. Aye, you're right. I read Mr. Belmont reference SEDUCTiON a while back and forgot. Love it, but still stand by my Muppets comment.
  5. I love the music in this track. It's amazing. Reminds me of Akumajo Belmont's "For You." The vocals are not working for me though. They sound like the female version of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets . See YouTube links below if you are not familiar with him. Are the vocals are computer/syth generated? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrmBWtOWYsA
  6. Also eagerly waiting for this on the main page. Heck, I'd pay for a 320kbps copy. After playing WIP6 for a friend she reminded me about a Staind song of the same name: For You, from Breaking The Cycle, 2001. Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_You_(Staind_song) I don't know if using a similar title is an issue seeing how "for you" is a common phrase. I think it's fine, ...just ya know, ...passin' it along. Finish whatcha gotta and submit it! EDIT: Linkin Park and Three Doors Down both had songs called Runaway.
  7. My first post in the Workshop boards. Hope I don't screw this up. I am not an experienced re-mixer but a lifelong listener and a silent fan of the community. I enjoyed the first edition and am loving the newest addition. The original needed a stronger bass hit on the beats and my overpriced 5.1 headset respond well to the latest version. The transition to Lava Reef is flawless. Are my ears playin' tricks on me or do I hear a Windows Vista "Exclamation" at 2:05? Confession time. I take downloaded mixes and drop them into Audition to "see" the track's waveform. I feel a little guilty s
  8. Thanks, Bundeslang and apologies to all about not replying to my own thread sooner. I was sifting through the 1500+ songs from OCR's two mega-torrents one lonely Saturday afternoon and when I heard 'BlueLightning' I was totally surprised by it. When I messaged Disco Dan I didn't expect him to revise anything. Honestly I didn't expect anything. I was thinking that maybe back in the day he may have been disappointed that his work couldn't be "displayed" (posted, shared) at the full intended quality. I know as an editorial cartoonist for a local paper I'm flattered when someone calls/e-m
  9. I sent a private message to Disco Dan about a song he submitted back in 'ought-one ('2001' for those of you in RioLinda, CA). I have not gotten a response so I pose this request to the community. The MegaMan 3 mix "Blue Lightning" is a 8minute 41 second song that was downgraded to 96kbps in order to fit on the website. Since I'm sure OCRemix's servers have been upgraded dramatically since then I was wondering if it would be possible to post the original or at least higher-bit rate version of that mix. (That is assuming DJ Pretzel or someone else still has access to that original file.)
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