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  1. I wrote and recorded this rap song to Po!'s Legend of Zelda 'hyrulecastledarkworld' beat. Shout out to po! for the hot track! Hope you guys like it. http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/song_2583102
  2. The only complaint for me was that the awesome lyrics by The Bronx Rican were not in Vega and DeeJay's stages.
  3. you are pretty dense. maybe as you've seen recently, not every black guy nor rapper, or prominent black man endorses the use of the n word. It's nothing to do with me, but rather what constitutes good taste in music. Throwing slurs around, despite the song's "message" is not creative. PERIOD. Matter of fact, this is a microcosm of what's wrong with the hip hop culture itself, shock value wins over actual talent. let's see this kid drop the same song without the word in it and judge it that way. So yeah, don't bother wasting your breath again, cause YOURS is a losing argument, son. TO those who want to hear a QUALITY hip hop game song, check out the Metal Gear and River City Ransom sections, I believe, Po or Zyko put some out on OC.
  4. yeah, well, it's that type of nonchalance that led to the Michael Richards incident, and the teacher incident. "I thought it was okay to say it." Good remix or not, there's not a message behind using the word nigga or nigger 50-60 times in a song. Get that "the message of the song is being lost" bullshit out of my face. Yes, i am black, and yes I have used the word in my rap music. But after reading a book by Randall Kennedy about the history of the word, i stopped using it. It's just not cool to use the word... ...cause guaranteed, if i made a song called "Kikes/Spics/WAPS 4 Life" SOMEONE will get offended, regardless of whatever thinly veiled "MESSAGE" is trapped within the inner dungeon of the remix itself. Just something to think about.
  5. tekken 2 had the best music in the series, we need more remixes! awesome!
  6. I think this song is great, simply because it's CT, arguably the best soundtrack in history
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