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  1. Thanks for the page link, Mr. The Orichalcon. I couldn't find the actual site link on OCR for some reason. Just the OCR page that shows the pic of the original artist and a (dead?) torrent link, with a playlist on the right side to listen to all the tracks. This helps a lot.
  2. OK, I took another listen, more carefully, to that part. Yep, I now notice it too... Had to turn my speakers up a bit loud. If you noticed, I used part of the POL music (my left-hand patterns) throughout the Crystal theme portion. The POL theme was the original inspiration, after all.
  3. Wow, I really really appreciate all the support and advice. Sadly, like I said, I can't really do much on my part to change anything. Don't have a keyboard to record it on and it would be grueling to practice it over and over again to get a good recording. I hired someone in the US, before leaving for Japan, to record it for me into CD/MP3/whatever formats. $20-something bucks, really sucked. Anyway, is there a program I could use to maybe do it from scratch digitally? All I know how to do is write music and play piano. :/ I was gonna just resubmit it to VGM and then to RTS, but I figured I'd go to the top dog (in my opinion), OCR, and get some feedback first. High hopes of getting on OCR, by any chance or means. Edit: ZealPath, how did you come across the POL music MP3s? I'm interested! Edit: Rozovian, what is clipping?
  4. Finally, a few years from the birth of this project, I gain SOME ground on putting it up on the OCR community. This was due to a 2-year hiatus on being able to do anything about it, and also to not knowing what in the world to do with conversion and not getting the help I needed. This does cause some to give up for a while after getting fed up. Anyway, no one likes a quitter, right? So you should keep smoking! Anyway, onto the WIP... I submitted this to VGMix a few years ago just before the site went down. Some of you may remember this piece. This is a medley of four elements. It starts off with the Content ID purchase/edit screen music, which I always found so catchy yet relaxing. That's what spurred the whole idea of this. After that I move onto what seems to be the Bastok theme, but it meshes together with the Airship theme. After that rendezvous, I move into a varied rendition of the ever-so-famous-everyone-knows-it Crystal theme. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the tiny little Chocobo ditty at the very end. I really liked the character Cornelia in this game, so I paid homage to her, obviously. And what with the Airship theme being in there, it gave me good reason to slap on this title. And for those of you who don't know or remember, she's from Bastok. All 5 elements of this piece are what I found to be the most influential pieces of my gaming experience with FFXI. On a final note, I have no idea what the outcome will be for this post. If you think it needs more elements, more work, or if you'd like to pitch in on this, please say so. Yes, I know it's WAY over the limit to submit, too. I no longer have access to a keyboard to rerecord it any further. Also, I'd prefer help, if possible, with PC editing if needed. I can't say how many times I recorded this to get a decent sound... Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jjuztym2kug
  5. Wow, Rozovian. You are a true hero. Took me a while to understand what exactly you were referring to, but I got it done. It's not that I'm computer illiterate, cuz I'm not. :/ Well, not too illiterate. Edit: Oh, so you edited your post. >< That woulda helped. :/ At least I figured it out on my own. ^^; Doumo desh!
  6. Sorry if there's already a thread for this. Couldn't get a result in my searches. I have something I want to submit, but I now only have it in .m4a and whatever iTunes uses. How can I convert this to .mp3 so I can submit it? Onegai itashi-freakin-masu.
  7. That's great! Thanks for contributing! Now why does the torrent link just reload the DQD page? How the furiku am I supposed to download the album?
  8. Before the 2-year loss of VGMix, there was a remix of FFX-2 about the Eternal Calm. It was like a medley, really inspiring, flowing music, and used a lot of in-game character line samples. Including one where one of the female characters says something like, "The Eternal Calm... I really thought it would never end." I miss this remix a lot and can't beleive I can't find it on any of my burned CDs of OCR/VGM. Alas, it's not on VGM now. Any help, please?
  9. Cool, never heard of them. Thanks. I'll do that, but still want it back up on VGM.
  10. Yume-Vision


    Ohisashiburi, OCR. I would love to submit my remix to OCR, but it's a bit too long. Therefore, I want to repost it on VGM since it's back up and running. Unfortunately, no one will activate my account! Does anyone have any contact with a VGM admin? I can't even contact anyone on there without a profile, which I can't even get... Been waiting for a response for 2 months, at least. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Wow... Just wow. I really can't stand most rap, honestly. The stuff just bugs the HELL outta me! However, I always listen through every remix that comes up on here and VGM. Given that, I listened to this remix the whole way through, and from start to finish, I was moved. Literally taken. I wouldn't call this an actual review, but a "kudos" to your efforts, despite the overwhelming quantities of Ice Cap remixes. Thank you for actually collaborating a rap/hip-hop piece that I can actually listen to. - BGN
  12. I would have to say Dark Falz and The Mother Brain, last 2 consecutive bosses in Phantasy Star II. PSII made you work HARD to lvl up, it seemed nearly impossible! Phantasy Star IV was way too easy, but still fun!