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  1. I'll do my part, at least with Megaman X. Those are mine(if this gets the green light).
  2. wily? hard? I don't think I've ever heard those two in the same sentance before if it didn't refer to 7, and even then it lasted only a while...but i digress. I agree with the jaquio from ninja gaiden 1 thing, i HAD to get a rom to beat that guy...still feeling the shame... But the HARDEST bosses I've encountered in games were: 4.Anubis from MMX6: Not neccesaraly hard, but if you ran out of ammo of the power stone weapon, you couldn't do ANYTHING to him, but that usually never happend. 3.Sigma from MMX4 (while playing as zero...or x for that matter): Zero just wasn't made to beat sigma..or any of the bosses for that matter, you can be shot down REAL quick if you don't know their patterns AND what you're doing. As X, another ammo problem, if you ran out of those stingrays...GAME OVER! They didn't even do that much damage, but they are the only things that would kill that stupid face-on-the-ground trick. 2.The Queen Alien in Alien vs. Predater (SNES): That biznatch just wouldn't let you touch her with any more than a 2 hit combo, and when you knocked her down in any way, she'd turn invincible and charge you! The only way to deplete her INSANE amount of health was to use a fully charged laser shot, which unfortunatly hurt you for the same amount of damage...you just had to pray you had enough extra lives... But the number One hardest boss in the whole friggin world is... 1. Those dragon ship things in Rampart: Those things...there's no word in even the NEWB language to describe the immense hatred I have for them, they'd kill your wall, and leave a friggen burning hole! Just so you couldn't build your walls there anymore! Even if you had 50 cannons, they would deplete down to 20 in just ONE TURN because you couldn't seal them!...DAMN THOSE VIKINGS!!!! Ahem...yeah, im done.
  3. I really don't understand what has happened to most of the judges around here, this peice is wonderful! These songs needed to be mixed long beforehis FIRST version came out, which was moderatly good, but he revamps it to a far superior level and you make it seem as though it's a peice of *beep*. The recently added so-called "Jazz" mix of Megaman 3's intro theme was IMO a wad of the above mentioned, yet it seems to get more praise than this great peice of techno which greatly captures the essence of all three themes and even finds a way to play them at the same time and make it seem as if it was SUPPOSED to be that way from the start! Whatever happened to the days of "Brainsick Metal" and "Metalman Stainless Steel"? Mixes like those don't seem to get enough credit ofr being smack-down face melting rock! I realize this isnt rock, but I hope you know what I mean...maybe I'm reading too much into this.