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  1. Wow, this is really cool. It's pretty damn catchy and there's a lot going on without making it sound noisy or busy. My only gripe about it is that the ending was kind of abrupt and disappointing. I wanted a beeping/organ frenzy, but hey, you can't always get what you want. Still, it's some pretty smooth stuff.
  2. Olga flow on Ultimate from Phantasy Star Online II. That son of a bitch was impossible if you fought him alone. Let's take a look at his cheap attacks, shall we? -Step on you. Yeah. He's that much taller than you. -Randomly swing his sword and let out a shockwave that is incapable of NOT hitting something. -Make giant rocks fall on you. This attack + shitty camera angles = PISSED OFF. -Creates stupid enemies that respawn and explode in your face. Or something. -Oh yeah this is my favorite, he'll occasionally (and when I say that I mean every 2 goddamn seconds) turn you into an old man. If you attack him, any damage you deal him will be dealt to you. That's a problem when you can dish out more damage than your hp. I hated him. Both forms. Oh yeah, and the final boss of Tactics Ogre for GBA. Played it for 6 hours straight (you couldn't really save) just to die against the boss' 2nd form. That made me so enraged I think I may have killed a small child out of anger. They really need to make a button that covers controllers and gameboys with steel plating so you can throw them at whatever you want without damaging them. Or have a little warning pop up on the screen before a boss fight: [WARNING! Fighting this boss may result in EXTREME anger. We ask that all young children leave the immediate area, lest they be scarred for life from the expletives you will be screaming.]
  3. When everyone is listening to the same old holiday songs, pop this bad boy out, and it'll be chaos. Heads flying everywhere, the bonus stage theme will body slam your christmas tree into a wall, immediately turning it into a mushroom of sorts. You'll be jumping on little kids in green and red pajamas just like they were koopas. And presents? Forget about it. They'll be popping out coins like a jackpot at the Trump Taj Mahal. Great job, the inventiveness blows me away. I think I'll just run up to Canada, chop me down a tree, light some candles, bake some cookies, and listen to this. And crap, it's April. Amazing, I can't believe that a classic song like Sleigh Ride is now morphed into Mario. Proof that the big man can crush all like a small child going up against a Russian mafia metal man. Could I possibly use any more similies? No.
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