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  1. I haven't truly loved a remix since I found Tickle Me Willy. And I must say this remix tune has hit my favorite songs folder and shall stay there. I love this remix, very nice work!
  2. Pic: Best thing I could find. Wording: Death to the heratic! Themeish: If possible I would like Black and Red
  3. I enjoyed the beat very much, nice techno sound with a good fast pace. The intro was enjoyable as well, it opened the song very well for what was to come.
  4. I like it, it has an odd feeling to it that sort of makes a touchy feeling.
  5. You can’t stop the beat! Anywho, I always loved the halo theme. And this remix keeps what I loved about the Halo theme and ads that robot voice that I found interesting, after a while it just seemed that it had to be a part of the song. It never annoyed me I just found my saying “Can’t stop the beat” with it. It’s really good I can still feel the Halo theme yet it’s been added onto in a great way.
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