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  1. Hell. Yes. Just bought the signed edition, glad I held off on buying the original one!
  2. Definatly took the best track in the game and remixed it very well. Suits the time of year too, a very wintery song that I could listen to for hours, esspecially when driving around in the snow, fits very well along-side some of my other favorite remixes, including Crystalline Caverns from McVaffe awesome job man, keep it up.
  3. all I have to say about this remix is: ROFL-TASTIC the anme alone made me laugh for a while, esspecially reading it while looking at the pic next to it on the OCR homepage
  4. Lol, Kikkoman Anyways, I think its a pretty good song. Kinda sounds like it would be a James Bond movie theme though
  5. Shit man, I love this remix Very Epic and full of greatly polished beats. A very excellent first submission
  6. Wow... that is simplistic, yet excellent I realy like it
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