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  1. There's just something so inspirational about instrumental songs like this. I'm so happy that OCRemix exists so that I can have a chance to hear such beautiful music. I've got this one on repeat !
  2. I'm surprised I haven't posted a review to this. Let me just say.. that this song makes me cry. It really does. I adore link's awakening, and Marin's character even more than the game. Whenever I beat it I cry, and when I downloaded this song I did so! It has inspired me to do a lot of things, namely artwork... and I shall post some of my pieces when they are completed. Please write some more songs like this... I can't get enough of this remix, it speaks volumes about the tragic story of Link's Awakening and Marin.
  3. Its from that town when you go back in time with Ted. Its only heard a couple times in the game. The track on the OST is titled "Forgotten Days". OH!!!! Now I remember! I knew it had to be some kind of ethereal thing. The town where Ted receives Death Eater from his Grandfather and Windy shows up to crash the show? YESSS! I so remember!! Oh geez SuperGreenX.. I wish you'd remix more! ;-;! I went to that website and watched the suikoden video that person made with your song. I kept giggling repeatedly and clapping because it was SO awesome!
  4. [edit] This can be deleted... the site screwed up so I accidentally posted twice.
  5. This is a remix of the Elven Village music isn't it? I haven't played the game in a while.. but I swear that's what it is. God where to begin. I was just browsing after downloading every single Zelda remix this site has from every single game, and then I thought "what could I download next?" So I went and saw there were mixes for suikoden. Sadly there was only one, but I chose to download it anyway without reading the review. HOLY CRAP. And no, I'm not going to compare you to Tiesto, or BT, or Oakenfold, or Paul Van Dyke. you're YOU, and you're an AMAZING remixer. My boyfriend is a composer and I made him listen to this and he was in awe. Seriously.. my god I've been listening to this song on repeat all day long. It's so beautiful, and it's just one of those songs that motivates you and pumps you up no matter what kind of mood you're in! It's beautiful and ethereal and if I had the chance I would give it to a DJ at a club to play. PLEASE remix more. PLEASE produce more! Your talent is extraordinary and this song has made me incredibly happy. I feel like I can't say enough good things to get across how much I love it. --Adella
  6. When I was sifting through all the OoT Remixes I came across the Pachelbel Ganon song. At first I thought it would be a mix of Ganondorf's theme so I thought "Oh nice! Someone remixed it finally!" And I went to download it without reading the review. Well... When I heard the song I fell in love with it. I've been listening to this remix on repeat for the last day, and I don't know why but it just brings tears to my eyes. It's just one of those songs that inspires me. Because of it I've been able to produce a lot of new artwork and my writing has improved. It's so beautiful I can't even describe. I woke up this morning and put on my headphones, and immediately started it up. Now my boyfriend can sometimes barely hear what I listen to, and as soon as I turned it on he could hear (faintly) the pachelbel ganon theme playing. He turned to me with a groan, "Dell... Not that song AGAIN.. you listened to it on repeat all day yesterday!" I was immediately embarrassed and turned it down, but by no means did I take it off repeat!! I Love this song.. I've sent it to all my friends AND posted it in my journal giving thanks to DJpretzel for making it. I'm a fan now.. I truly am.
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