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  1. I wrote the music for a Touhou-like shooting game called "Call of the Underworld", by SCFWorks. For convenience, I've put the soundtrack up on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL341ADD62ACAEEE8D More info and downloads for the game: http://site.scfworks.com/?page_id=89 For those of you not necessarily wanting to listen to the whole thing, the tracks that I feel are strongest are probably 1, 5, and the last handful of character themes, with the soundtrack in general growing slightly stronger toward the end. The game itself is heavily influenced by Touhou, taking the form of basical
  2. Yo. I'd like my name changed to Lastair, I dropped the A a while ago. Thanks!
  3. Put me down for 3-17 - Farewell Song. I only have weekends off to work on music, though, so I might (MIGHT) not be able to meet the deadlines, though I'll try my best. Hopefully that's ok.
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