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  1. Are those the only ones I can find? Some of them just don't fit the music. Also, is there an easier way of sequencing a drumset than having to do it all by hand on the sequencer? I have to cover all those sounds in one channel. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm having trouble locating isolated drumset sounds, such as a bass drum or hi-hat. I have found drumkit sample sets, but I can't seem to sequence those well in FL Studio. Is there a place where I can aquire free samples of these percussion sounds?
  3. Hey guys. Over the couple of years I've been downloading ReMixes on this site, I've developed a desire to at least attempt to remix some tune smy own way, so I'm new to this scene, other than listening and occasionally reviewing ReMixes. I have FL Studio 5 now, but I have absolutely no idea as to where I should start. The only input devices I have are my mouse and keyboard, and a shitty 6-year-old $100 keyboard with a GM set (with no PC-to-keyboard cord). Do I have enough to even contemplate ReMixing now, or am I in need of more equipment/software? I don't have much of a budget, because I'm
  4. This is a beautiful representation of musical talent. I cannot describe the mood that music such as this instills in me. I find myself unable to describe the appreciation I have for this mix. The alterations made from the original melody were nothing less than brilliant. The source material is good, but this ReMix, to me, stands out as something else. Something better than great. Astronomical, perhaps? I find that this ReMix contains the best of both inspirations; the source material AND Pachelbel's Canon. Quite elegant and refined, indeed. Again, I cannot express the appreciation I have
  5. I really, REALLY enjoy this mix. The variation of tempos, styles, instrumentation, and mood are quite inviting. I want to keep this on loop, but I don't want to overplay it! I can say that the beginning strings sounded a bit shaky because of the accelerated tempo + the samples. But that's my only real quibble. I love the orchestral setup. You have done a fantastic job putting some of the best music from the Mario series into a truely classic ReMix. I hold this music close to my heart because of the personality, the humor, and the musicality. You've more than captured all of this. Very
  6. What on Earth is wrong with you? "Lackluster" piano? Average? If this was "average", you'd hear shotty samples and terribly boring music happening. If this was "average", It would have had a much more difficult time passing the judges panel. If this was "average" there wouldn't be an incredible piece of music here that you can't seem to appreciate, or at least respect. Bad Chinise opera? Give me, and Reuben Kee, a break. Keep your malicious thoughts to yourself, you ill-mannered blockhead. Shame on you for bashing such a clearcut piece of good, quality music. You should definitely re
  7. This ReMix is absolutely amazing! I can't listen to it enough! The piano work combined with the drum work and the beautiful ambience are just so hypnotizing... When I saw this forum, I wanted to listen to your mix again. As I browsed my media library, I began to freak out because I couldn't find it! I scanned my Doom mixes forever. I suddenly realized that it was a Final Doom mix and it would be in the "F"s alphabetically. I felt so relieved and happy to know that I had found it and that I could listen to it again! This is one of my all-time favorite mixes. Keep up the good work you two
  8. I can't explain it in words. I just heard the first few measures of this beautiful piano, and my jaw just dropped. It sounds so good, so pure. Of my entire collection of OC ReMixes, I have to say, this is one of my top 5 picks. I'm a band geek and a computer geek, and you've combined both aspects into an amazing piece of music no words can describe. Hell, I show off to my friends and family because I have this GREAT ReMix. Anyway, enough with the sissy soft crap. A jaw-dropping piano piece that all people, musically talented or not, should download and hear. Kudos man, just a lot of
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