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  1. Ahhh.. All the nostalgia! I love it! Err.. actually, I haven't listened to this remix yet but the second I saw "Adventure Island" and the plump little hero you controlled, I freaked. I use to play Adventure Island II ALLLLLLLL the time when I was younger! I loved that game! It was so challenging and I would rent it every time my mom would drive me to the video store. Ahh.. Thank you for submitting an Adventure Island remix.. That made my day.
  2. Okay... well... uhh... This is definately an interesting remix... Wait. Can I even call this a REMIX? Nah, didn't think so. But anyway, this song is a very quick download so it wouldn't hurt to listen to it once. After the first listen through, you will most likely be done with it. That's how I was, at least because honestly, I didn't like this remix-song-thing. None of it feels real. The moaning in the background sounds incredibly fake and I didn't like the tune playing. So... all in all, I hated this song. Sorry.
  3. Wooo! I love this remix! It is beautiful!! I have never heard the Windfish Ballade let alone even played LA but it doesn't matter. Great song... LOVE the ocean sounds... Very peaceful.
  4. Sorry for this review... I usually try not to review songs that I honestly didn't like but I had to make an exception here. I downloaded this song and I really liked it at first... but then the vocals came in and ruined the entire thing. I really, really like the Kakariko theme and that's what I thought that whole remix was of... until the vocals came in. Alright, so you should know by now that I didn't like the vocals. Hehe, sorry. I know this song was trying to be funny (I hope) but I didn't catch the humor in it. This song didn't catch my interest at all. But good try. Sorry for the review, once again. I'm not trying to bash this remix but I just wanted to voice my opinion.
  5. I absolutely LOVE this song... it's so... beautiful. That's the only word that can describe this song: beautiful. I especially love 3:16 to the end of the song where it slows down into Zelda's Lullaby. Perfect. Beautiful. Absolutely great. Not to mention, this song makes me think about my friend, Ashley Rusie, who passed away on January 11, 2004 due to a fatal car accident. She was only 16 and had just gotten her license. We were friends and I will never forget her. And any song that makes me think of Ashley is... great. Thank you for such a great remix. I love this song.
  6. Wow... This is what I call a GREAT remix. From this point on, all remixes should be just as great as this one. I downloaded this song a while back and it was favorite from the beginning and it still is. This song is, by far, my FAVORITE song I have ever heard and I'm not kidding. It surpasses all that crap on the radio and that's pretty hard to do since this song has no words. That's just how great this song is. Keep up the great work, DjPretzel!
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