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  1. I've only seen there's finally a S3&K remix project on OCR today I'm very eager to see what will become of it, and let's hope it'll move to the Site Project board (and stay there). I'll lurk more to see what becomes of this project, good luck guys!... like you need any, mwhaha! <3!!!
  2. Oh ok, that's good to know. I haven't found many of my school works to be good enough to present, except the last semester project we have. But since it's a CD-rom, well i'm too lazy to take screenshots. Instead, i've found doodles and such of what i did in the last months. Image from a loading animation we had to do this semester. It had to be animated and had certain size and format restrictions. For some reasons, the colors are darker than when i made it... Must be the screen calibration >_<;; http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/Vilecat/cthulhu.jpg Logo contest a year ago during a class. We had to create a logo containing a fish, a trident, a star, and the color blue. We also had to plan a space for the text to be written later. It had to represent an organism related to the sea. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/Vilecat/logoContest.png Random doodle i inked recently http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/Vilecat/kitteh.jpg The 2 pages of Kirby doodles i did way back in early November, when the project was still in developpement. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/Vilecat/KirbyDoodles.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/Vilecat/KirbyDoodles2.jpg This is the first pencil draft of the 1st CD Cover(front) idea i had for this project. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/Vilecat/CD_Cover1.jpg I might swap Sword Kirby and Fighter Kirby (his sword looks like a plastic toy ). I based the Kirby designs off Kirby : Nightmare in Dreamland, since it's basically a remake of Kirby's Adventure, from what i recall. I also plan to not keep the pencil outlines, to have results similar of MacHall's latest boards/comics. Title will be added above the picture. I'll have at least an other idea that i'll post soon (probably later today). Please i'd like to know if it's worth of working more on this, and if yes, your comments and/or suggestions.
  3. Ooh, finally it's CD cover time. I wanna give it a try too <3 I don't have any real art to show though as an example of what i'm capable of (unless you wanna see school works =x ). I do have a few ideas for the cover. I got a question also : is it only for the front or we do front + back? Any restrictions other than it has to be in "printable" format?
  4. chth and Hadyn could always make it a collab, seems they're about to make it so, heh. But that's just a suggestion, since both wanna work on the song/project. The more it goes, the better this project sounds. Don't give up guys =D!!!!
  5. *outsider's opinion* I think a soprano sax would fit in nicely there. Or a oboe? I kinda agree that the sax sounds more or less appropriate. I still can't wait for this project to be finished, it looks extremely promising
  6. I can't wait for the project to be finished !! I'm just here to encourage all the remixers working on it in this end of semester. Keep up the good work guys!! *cheers*
  7. Very nice. Old school and contemporary at the same time. I think a good companion to it (on the opposite side, on the same folded piece of paper, facing the CD when closed) would be a mosaic using each of Kirby's powerups as tiles. I don't have Photoshop, but I'm thinking it should be run through an interpolation filter to remove the jaggies. The picture probably wouldn't be suitable as a cover for the back of the CD, due to the difficulty of overlaying the track titles. On a side note, the management aspect of this project is simply fascinating. Props to DS for leading the project as well as coming up with the unique theme concept. Lastly, good luck to all the remixers. Go forth and kick much ass. I know I won't be disappointed. Aww, someone beat me up to it. I was working on a cover for the project, since there wasn't any real propositions until the time i started. I was thinking of putting many Kirbys with a different ability for each. I never thought Kirby could be that hard to draw (friggin arms). Oh well, i wont let that work become useless. At least i'll finish it and maybe show it to you guys ;;; Really nice cover idea there btw Hadyn <3
  8. Woah! I've listened to all the WIPs and they sound very promising I can't wait for this project to be finished. Good luck guys! <3!
  9. About SH1/3 ending... If you follow the story to SH3, in SH1 it'd mean that Harry didn't save Cybil but kept the Aglophatis. ... But i've been wondering for a while, if in SH1 Harry would've used the Aglophatis to save Cybil, and since in SH3 there's an ending where Heather doesn't use it and becomes possessed or something (kind of meaning if her dad wouldn't have been able to save any of that red stuff), what could happen? =P
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