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  1. 1. Dart Feld (Legend of Dragoon) 2. Shantae 3. Maxwell (Scribblenauts)
  2. God, did you ever beat Zaygos fused with Kaymat (last boss' final form)? Let's put it this way: Even if you were crazy enough to level everyone up to 99 (did that once), if you don't get both Gigabottles (all healing items must be equipped to be used, you CANNOT use spare items in battle), you are absolutely going to get raped by that bitch... Plus you still take damage with the shield... Fuck Enix for making that bitch of a game. What the hell is the deal with having to PAY people to join you, AND have to pay HP to cast spells? I was so glad when I buried that bitch...
  3. This was a very beautiful piece. It actually made me cry, because it reminded me of some very beautiful, peaceful times in my life. I joined here just so I could comment on this wonderful piece of music. I hope that you make more wonderful pieces like this. Thank you very much.