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  1. You could use the roundabout way of Audacity. But for pure conversion purposes I would recommend dBpowerAMP
  2. There's your first problem right there. But it might be user error. Laptops typically don't have the cooling power of a tower. If you run high-resource applications or leave them on all day long, they will overheat. You might want to invest in a separate cooling system. You can buy external devices to help remove the heat. I use the Targus podium. You'd be surprised how much of a difference it makes having a laptop a couple of inches above the table surface. Combine this with a high velocity air circulator for the win. Your first problem is still Dell. IMHO, Compaq is a lot better choice for laptops. They have a good balance between price and functionality. My Presario2580 is over two years old, and I've never had anything burn out on it. I've only had two things ever go out on it. One of the keys was broke and caused a glitch. And the buttons for the touchpad don't work. The former was fixed under my warranty, and I don't even care about the latter (I don't ever use the touchpad)
  3. Don't forget the Jenova for Classical Piano. I believe it was done by Noir. Also an excellent piano piece based on FFVII music.
  4. Sadly, I have to agree. I'm not a big fan of movie arrangements to begin with. Still, the project is awesome. Plus, it had SirRus.
  5. Oh I just found out about this one. It's been so long since I played W&W, I don't even remember the theme, but oh well. This remix has a really strange feel to it, and I don't much like the style, but it's very addictive nonetheless. Some of the synth sounds stand out too much, but maybe it is supposed to be like that? But the entire piece flows really well into each part, and the...uh...vocals, are awesome. This is one of those that I wouldn't just sit down to listen to, but while in my car, I'll hit the "back" button every time the song ends Definitely worth a listen if you want something a little different.
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