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    I'm an Artist who specializes in Animation,Sculpture, 3d Modeling, Drawing and Painting
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    Kat Parker
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    freelance, framing
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  1. Submitted and might resurface for the next comp lol. Great entries!
  2. O sweet. Ill be sure to stop by
  3. I really love Norhtlanders from Vertigo. The cover art is what caught my attention but overall good viking stories.
  4. So psyched for Street Fighter 3ds. And Zelda and star fox lol. Any idea what the games themselves are costing?
  5. Still hoping for Leon.... and Gambit. I was excited to see Wesker but I'm not too crazy on his moves.
  6. That's complete crap. How can you not have spiderman in this!!!?
  7. Anyone a good El Fuerte player? I love player as the guy and sadly is my best but I keep getting my butt kicked in online play. Like my biggest problem is I have a hard time throwing a hit in once Im down the persons just over top me the whole time ):
  8. Gratz to teh winning piece. Totally would have voted for it lol. The chaos of the summer for me will end after Otakon and I'll defiantly enter next month !
  9. I feel that this needs to be posted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrYPJ4Yc31g Dora the Explorer in Inception
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