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  1. although i never played the game...i do have the soundtrack. and it's a soundtrack that every gamer should listen to. it's one of those rare ost gems like radiant silvergun. i like how you made 'silence' sound happier than it normally is with the faster, upbeat tempo. you did the same w/ desert snowstorm, and i've equally enjoyed both. =) nice work here ziwtra.
  2. although the other mix that was brought up was a seriously great remix...i think that tuba lin's has a more serious depth w/ the song. favorites...the changes in tempo at :50 and 2:10 are absolutely awesome. awesome job tuba lin! go taiwan! -b
  3. iono why, but i feel happy when i hear this. good job fatty acid. hope to hear more from you.
  4. at first when i heard the mix, it was bothering my ears...but after hearing it a couple times over, i started to love it. it's just a chilling mix that deserves unintentional praise, the tuning, although off, really works for this song...cept for maybe the strings at around 3'15
  5. i'm sorry, i totally love the song, but i honestly can't hear what song was remixed here. i've heard it on repeat for at least 5 times, and i still can't figure out the original. can someone point it out to me? thanks ;D
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