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  1. I never usually like remixes that are from a game I haven't played. I usually like to hear the original, or try to remember hearing it, that way the remix has more 'sentimental' value. THIS is an exception. Though I'm a huge old-school nintendo fan, I STILL haven't played through Earthbound successfully. I LOVE the sound, beat, and everything, even though its original tune I wouldn't recognize. Bravo! 9/10!
  2. Insanity. Pure, techno/industrial awesome. The intro makes it seem like you'll be going back through our good old, weird, Mario Paint. Then it just takes you in through this hellish collapse of every sort of grungy sound you can imagine. The strings and piano offset this to try and bring you back to normalcy, but it always seems to be overtaken by the industrial noise. The outro is great in that it signifies you are finally out of this horrible universe of glitchy sounds. I LURVE IT! 10/10!!
  3. Woah. ... Uh. I don't know what to think. I never liked them rap musics full of language. Its a rap about old school nintendo though... and THEY USE THE WORD LEET! IN A RAP! LEET! ... I love it then. Any chance theres an edited version, I'd like to keep this one!
  4. This is it. This is what I like to call an OC original! Theres nothing that makes my foot tap and heart beat with nostalgia than the old original music going into a new age mix! This one is definately going to Mr. MP3 Player!
  5. Completely amazing... This is definately what I've been waiting for in a remix all of my life spent here on www.ocremix.org. At first I thought it was on of them boring, slow, not-exciting, remixes, until that great beat came in! Excelent, a great orchestrated/techno remix of the ever-catchy dark world theme. My prayers have been answered!!! Thank you for making this wonderful piece of work, hope theres more where that came from! (Hah! I just joined the message boards to give you a review! XD )
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