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  1. Finally after years of working on this, I've released it to the public. Mega Man V was always my favorite of the Game Boy games and I always loved the music, so I had to do it justice with these covers. 

    Get the album: https://rushjet1.bandcamp.com/album/mega-man-v-remade

    Watch the playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85NJxc_kPn4

  2. 12 minutes ago, zircon said:

    I think a defining characteristic of chiptune music - what people tend to think of when they hear the term - is the use of waveforms that are very much raw and unprocessed. Old video game consoles tended to not have advanced modulation and filtering features resulting in a very raw oscillator sound. Simple squares, saw, triangle, noise. Those old Moog synth records tended to use lots of processing... filters, LFOs, envelopes, etc. So that would be one difference IMO.

    That and the limitations of any given system in terms of voice count, volume, etc.  That's mostly what gave the systems their characteristic sounds.

  3. After several months of work, I've completed my VRC6 chiptune cover trilogy of the first 3 Mega Man games with Mega Man 2, this time at 60FPS thanks to YouTube updating their site recently:

    Mega Man 2 Remade - Bandcamp

    The album on Bandcamp is set to "Pay what you want," which means it's free unless you want to pay me.

    This is a re-imagining of Mega Man 2's soundtrack using Famitracker, a NES music creation tool. With it, I can use expansion chips used in the Japanese Famicom. This album uses VRC6 and is in stereo- the Famicom (or a modded NES) could play these, minus the stereo.

  4. Hello, after 3 months of work I've written the successor to the Mega Man 3 cover playthrough I made last year - this time it's a cover of Mega Man 1. You can find the youtube link here and the bandcamp link for download here.

    This is a re-imagining of the original Mega Man's soundtrack using Famitracker, a NES music creation tool. With it, I can use expansion chips used in the Japanese Famicom. This album uses VRC6 and is in stereo- the Famicom (or a modded NES) could play these, minus the stereo.

  5. After 9 months of work (random laziness / sidetracking!) I've finally released the Mega Man 3 cover playthrough. You can see it here:


    This is a video of me playing through Mega Man 3 with all the music remixed using the VRC6 expansion in stereo. Headphones are recommended as the stereo was programmed with headphones in mind. Enjoy!

    I also released this on Bandcamp (linked in youtube description as well): http://rushjet1.bandcamp.com/album/mega-man-3-remade

  6. Every ten posts or so someone says this kind of stuff and then we get replies to it because that post is just begging for a response. If you'd like Meteo, I can instead just ask everyone to ignore your post so that everyone "does" stop posting and responding to dumb stuff, but I know they won't, now that you've put this out there and will accomplish exactly the opposite of what your post "wants", but hey, thanks for being constructive to the convo and all ;)

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTE---- wait I'm tired, going to bed.

    Oh, and

    I still can't find where DJP says "Chiptunes are against OCR policy". He only hints that it's near impossible.
    Again, if the standards need modification, let me know, but I think they clearly emphasize that production is 50% of the ballgame, and enumerate some of what we consider to be production qualities, and inherently certain genres or styles (straight chiptunes, kazoo mixes) are going to be ruled out by virtue of those requirements.

    I don't see how you're missing it. Doesn't say that straight chiptunes are going to be nearly ruled out.

  7. We don't know because no one tries.

    I'm not saying there is no such precedent, you misunderstand me. I'm saying that people are arguing to change the standards when they might not have to if people would just brave the storm and see if they could do it.

    I tried submitting two different chiptunes, one in 2004, one in 2005 or 2006, can't remember on the 2nd one. Both got form letter rejected, and I was pretty much completely in the dark as to why they got rejected at the time, at least until Espergirl 2A03's thread. Then I'm like "oh, they just don't want chiptunes I guess."

    If you read the thread, there isn't much room for debate at all, we didn't take it to mean that chiptunes weren't submittable, it was spelled out.

    And I don't mean "subjectively" correct, I mean *objectively* correct - the site places more of an emphasis on production than mixes like these could realistically hope to compensate for with arrangement[...]But if the specific sound he's shooting for doesn't have enough room for the types of production aspects we look for - too bad. I could submit a mix of me blowing on a kazoo and claim "OMFG KAZOOBIAS!" if you all rejected it; maybe I'd be right. Maybe it'd mean you were biased against kazoo mixes. But you'd be biased for the right reasons.

    That pretty well says "no chiptunes," there is no gray area, end of discussion. Why would I bother writing them for this site with that as the precedent? I realize that they've kind of gone back on this stance and are saying that maybe there's a slim chance that it might work if the composition is crazy good, but that's now, and this was then.

  8. Phrased another way, THIS mp3 is not the kind of thing we were trying to discourage with the standards. What we're discouraging is stuff like these:

    Arrangement aside, these have no reason to exist with chiptune instrumentation. And I think you would agree on that.

    So since espergirl was rejected, you're inadvertently comparing it to MIDIs run through GXSCC.

    This... this is so good. I hope this thread causes more people to post awesome unreleased music.

    OK (maybe unfinished instead of unreleased? :P) Note: I may not finish any of these.


    Bach Ages (took a Bach fugue and made it sound like dungeon music from Zelda Oracle of Ages)

    Distant Star

    dark labyrinth (this one is finished but didn't really release the NES one)

    Eyes of Flame (pretty damn unfinished)

    Fevered Guitar Dream (a cover of a modshrine OHC)

    Mega Man V- Wily Stage (heosmode)

    Nintendo World Cup songs 2/3 (yeah it's on my youtube, still not done)

  9. Again, I'm talking about genres and styles, not instruments. Don't people generally stop producing music in certain genres after a while? Of course you have the few cultists and oddballs who keep on pushing the envelope, and that's fantastic, but styles, not instruments, lose their edge after a while (for me). I already said I love 9bit, which definitely uses those same square and pulse waves you mentioned.

    Thought that it had been established that chipmusic is more of an instrument than a genre/style. You can have rock, metal, jazz, classical, funk, punk etc all represented within the "chiptune" label. Just look at shnabubula's list of chiptunes that he had a couple pages ago and listen.

  10. Pardon my ignorance on the whole chiptune genre/style/instrument but uh, you said that's all the Gameboy sound chip? Would that be playable on the actual device?

    From what I can tell yeah. I think it's LSDJ (composed on the gameboy itself).

  11. Yes - you equated news (media) with music (art).

    Which is actually kind of cosmically offensive on an ideological level, with the sweetened bonus of being misguided.

    So you're saying writing isn't art? :P And you could do the same with any electronic music, say that it's too new and hasn't hit its stride yet or something because it's only a couple decades old.

  12. Pure chiptunes have kind of run their course IMO. I think we should really concentrate on submitting 8-bit embellishments. I call it 9-bit, but it's basically adding FX like Reverb/Delay/Distortion to leads and allowing the supporting instruments to be "whatever sounds good", whether it's bitcrushed or not.

    Even the best chiptune purists feel... dated.

    How can you say that and not be sick of every other instrument/style other than very recent ones? The number of artists actually writing chiptunes pales in comparison to most other instruments or genres, and it's been around for about 30 years, while rock's been around for 60ish. Man I feel like the electric guitar has run its course....

  13. Making music for the wrong reasons. >_>

    No, making music for the right reasons: for himself.

    Neblix hit it on the head. If I'm going to make music for other people, gotta have some kind of incentive. If it's for a cool game, or some other thing I'd like (or a indie game/project thing) then that's fine, but I wouldn't want to make a remix specifically trying to get submitted to OCR (taking a lot of time to do stuff that might help that) and have a 99.9999x % chance of it getting denied anyway. It's kind of an effort thing mixed with that feeling you get where you write something that you disagree with but someone else called for it to be that way. I've run into that for some game music I've written, but that's different as it's their project and it's also pretty assured that we'll come to some kind of agreement, which is not necessarily the case with the judges' panel.

  14. Newspapers have been around for centuries. Our generation is often accused of wanting instant gratification, without earning it over time. Attempting to "play the victim" and argue that internet news sites don't get the same exact respect suggests that as a medium, they've accomplished in mere decades what those established publications have built up over centuries. Mad love for the internet from ME, personally, but I wouldn't expect instant parity with those two particular mediums, which represent the heavyweights of print news sources. I'm not saying we specifically should treat the two differently, I'm saying I wouldn't be representing the internet in this fashion, personally, since it seems a little... impatient? I don't know the best word, but hopefully you get me. Based on Sam's multiple citations, it seems like things are going the right way, regardless... hopefully it's about the news and not about proving something.

    See what I did there? This is fun.

    Times are changing at a rapid pace compared to the past, the previous centuries kind of don't make a good predictor for how we should react to things. I mean, I saw this lady talking to herself in the store a couple days ago, probably casting a spell on me so I told the village about her and I assume she's been burned at the stake.

  15. And you just said yourself that a large portion of people who enjoy/make it don't even have the VGM connection, which sort of weakens that case.

    Not sure there, as this is also the case with many of the other OCR songs. I'd guess that a lot of people probably like some of the remixes despite never having heard the source before, so it's kinda the same idea.

    As for the long list of tracks you posted, not sure what you expect us to do there. Contrary to what people think we don't judge remixes based strictly on production, so how can you expect us to judge that original music when we're missing half the picture of what the site is about - arrangement? That being said, in a little bit I'll listen to some of these and give my thoughts.

    Yes, but you are essentially pre-judging chipmusic strictly on production. He is giving an example of this, as most chip musicians don't write full-on remixes of things very often because why bother? I don't partially because I want to focus more on my own projects/originals, and because... I wouldn't expect it to get accepted here, and the other place I used to go (vgmix) is gone forever (maybe not but probably).

  16. I apologize for my tone, and I realize that it's not quite that simple, however I don't think this issue can, or should, be so easily dismissed.
    Same, I am sorry if I came across as heated to anyone. I was just trying to learn more, share some opinions, and if I was too forceful I apologize.

    On the other hand, I am going to apologize if I did not sound heated enough. Maybe I should type in ALL CAPS and BOLDED and IN RED!

  17. Yeah, I did personally think that the arrangement for the track was enough to pass the bar. That was my own opinion. But as I said, this mix is where the standards got clarified, with Dave making it clear in the last post that this wasn't enough. An example of a mostly chip mix passing would be Dueling Consoles.

    Right. So don't post things like

    If you're going to intentionally limit yourself then we believe you need to make up for it proportionally with arrangement[...]That doesn't mean we don't like or enjoy chiptunes, it just means that in the majority of cases, a pure chiptune mix is not in line with the goals of the site

    as the rule so far is that pure chiptunes don't get accepted. It's not a majority of cases, so far, it's all cases.

  18. If you're going to intentionally limit yourself then we believe you need to make up for it proportionally with arrangement.

    I'd say that Shnabubula's song had really good composition, and a lot of judges agreed.

    The arrangement here is, as always, astounding. Shna would've had a lot of fans if he was born 10 years earlier and pioneered the whole NES-composition thing. The arrangement is almost enough to override the terrible sound quality.
    As per usual, this is a marvelous arrangement. It's intricate, HIGHLY creative, and unique. Simply put, it's the Shnabubula style we all know - though I don't mean to demean it, as every mix I hear is interesting in a different way. The melodic and harmonic variations are just great, as is the technical work and the percussive stuff.
    Either way, I'm keeping this and piping it into my ears every waking moment of the rest of my life, because it rox my sox.
    The arrangement was simply great [...] Nothing but wonderful variations on a theme that I don't even like. This stupid bitch actually makes me like Terra's theme, can you believe it?
    So this is a great arrangement

    So either the amount of arrangement/composition must be disproportional to the "lack of production values" mentioned in that thread, or being a chiptune automatically makes the scales too tipped to bring it back up. Either way, what you're saying doesn't have an example to stand on yet.

  19. in 70 years or so, when chiptunes are regarded as a medium on the same level as other relatively minimal forms such as a string quartet.... if OCR is still around then, they will accept chiptunes.

    So given the current length of the queue you might as well submit one now ;)

    Sweet, I'll get crackin'. Maybe I'll add some piano accompaniment. Would it be accepted if the NES parts weren't stereo though? Hmmmmmmm... would it get accepted if the piano wasn't the main part and the NES was? Man so many things to consider. Maybe I should add more channels; how many channels does it take to have good production values?

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