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  1. Wow! This is an awesome remix of one of my favorite songs of Zelda 3. I love the thrill Disco Dan added in the remix. The part when you enter the castle with the master sword in hand to face the wizard was easily one of my greatest moments.. especially because of this song wich added a lot of intensity to the experience! Thumbs up to this awesome remix.
  2. wonderful! very relaxing and sweet to the ears. then again, how can you go wrong when remixing songs from Chrono Trigger's incredible soundtrack? Good job!
  3. This mix is exactly my style! Totally kick ass introduction with a kickass follow up that sends you straight in a sweet, deep trance. Incredible job! I'm quite a fan of Protricity since his work on the Relics of the Chozo project (wich made me spread tears of joy all over the place). Bottom line: this mix will be in my hall of fame for a long time.
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