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  1. Hmm.. Very powerful, to say the least. I definitely give credit to the mixer, and I can't wait to see some more of your work. As for the mix itself. I won't get all technical on you, but the overall feel is just a rush! I love every second of it. Strong guitar with moving orchestral backdrop. Pump me out some Chrono Trigger like this if you would I couldn't find too much wrong with this mix, so we'll leave it at that. Excellent performance!
  2. *still haunts this topic* Things seem to be goin' nicely for yall. About to hop over and listen to those tracks...
  3. Well, I just finished the script. I must say, very beautiful. It feels a bit rushed to me, but then again, that could just be in comparison to the game itself. I think if it actually went cinematic, someone could pull this off very, very nicely. There were two typo's I saw (One dealt with Masa and Mune, the other I've forgotten), but other than that, character's were developed, memorable scenes, dialouge fits, it was sexy! Hope this can go somewhere, and again, good luck!
  4. I'm yet another "love it, support it, but can't do shit about it" kinda guy. Anything I can do, I would be very happy to help yall out with (voice-acting, I can and would be thrilled to do if ya' get around to it). And good luck to all of you! The support is wide!
  5. That's right, this remix is sexy. Every repeat of the melody sounds different, and I love this song anyways. Wind Scene, right? Either way, great first submission. *Marks Fatty Acid so I can check back later*