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  1. I really like this ReMix. The first time I listened to the original I got chills. This one didn't have the same effect because in the original you can feel the change of beat in some point of the song. The ReMix has the same tempo over the whole thing but it is just as great. I really love it
  2. An incredible song... and incredible ReMix. Keep on the good work!!
  3. A beautiful song indeed. Every time I listen to it I can see myself playing the game and living the experience all over again. It has an awsome intro and you just don't expect the guitars comming but when they do it blows you away. I remember the first time I listened to it... the second the guitars came into play I just started to cry thinking to myself "THIS is the most beautiful song I've heard in my life".
  4. This song basicly describes what I like in a song. Beautiful lyrics, an amazing vocal and a soothing melody. It just blew me away
  5. OMG!!! this makes a beautiful song even more beautiful. The vocals are great, (a little "broken", but it's ok)I love the lyrics of the song and the beat is amazing, get this song NOW!!!
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