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  1. I hate prog rock and I find most vocal in remixes to suck. I was expecting to hate this one when I DLed it out of habit (I'm a CT soundtrack fan). I have never been so wrong about a remix in all the years I've listened to the stuff on OCR. This song is pure winning awesome in ways I can't even begin to describe. The vocals are mesmerising, the arrangements are captivating and the whole vibe is simply stunning. I find myself singing along, garnering odd looks on the tube. Looked up my old account details just to post that this song is my new favourite, against all odds. WTB lyrics.
  2. The start of this track is a huge rush - it has depth, movement, complexity and excellent production quality. I had Ormgas running in the background and when this came on I stopped to listen. Superb! ...And then the main theme started. The theme track sounds completely out of place. It sounds like it was made with a child's Casio keyboard with a poor artificial echo. It sits awkwardly onto the fantastic track and IMO spoils it. Maybe it was the choice of instrument or something - I don't really know the details of how remixes are produced in anything other than Fruity Loops. The intro is a 9/10 and the same layers stay at a 9/10 for the duration. Unfortunately the main theme layer drags it down to a less impressive 7/10 overall once it kiks in. if I'm listening to it on my jukebox I skip past the track once the main part kicks in
  3. Ah... The Wingless again. Another magnificent masterpeice that gets all thumbs up. It's getting to the point where even for tracks I don't like, if there's a mix done by The Wingless I hunt it out and nab it. It's tracks like this that inspire me to have a crack but at the same time, I can't make anything of nearly this quality... Please keep making these! 5/5
  4. What a lovely track! The blend of themes is very well executed and the feel is kept and developed well. Love it ta bits.
  5. Another winner. Superb stuff! I really need to get more of the original SPCs...
  6. Fantastic! Not quite the voice I'd have ascribed to Robo but sod it, the lyrics are funky and the tune is great.
  7. Hmmm. I see people didn't think much of this track. While I will agree more could have been tweaked on it, I very much like it as it is. Nice and varied. Good solid beat and interesting if a little over-processed instruments. Some of it might however be due to my odd headphones where the reduced bass intesity etc. actually comes out auto-boosted. Anyway I like it and I'm still listening to it.
  8. Mmmm... I like it. Lots. No really. I'm still listening to it on a daily basis. Fun, bouncy and interesting. Nicely made and keeps the attention. My only minor niggle with it is it's shortness: the various sections seemed a bit breif and the song could have had another 30s added to it to round it out a bit more.
  9. It's half past March now and I'm still listening to this MP3 at least several times a day. It has it all: longevity, interest, true to the original while being innovative and excellent production quality. It's tracks like this that either give me a kick op the backside to get on and learn this stuff or else cry in a corner because the cahnces that I'd ever get this good are slim
  10. I love it to bits! It's one of my current top 5 favourite MP3s at the moment and it's likely to be staying there. It's nice to see the little-heard Ice palace theme and the blending of the Kakkara Desert works a lot better than I thought it might. The song is nicely varied - it doesn't drag on and changes enough to keep interest but not so much that it loses the flow. I'm impressed!
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