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  1. This is a sweet Remix. I like listening to it at night, when I dream. I always picture a college student up late at night studying when I listen to this song. He takes the time in the late hours to ponder the many questions of reality, then dozes off to his dreamland. Good stuff. Oh, and btw. . . It's 3 AM, and I'm drifting Staring at an illuminous screen, I'm wandering . . . What am I doing and why am I here? It's times like these when my future isn't clear And that place between when your asleep and awake And time that you see is just so hard to take * And the sleepless wide world it all falls apart * And how in the world did I get this far? But then I dream That I am who I wanna be That I'm successful, I am free Life's no longer a mystery I'm a hero on the big screen A romantic, hopelessly I'm a soldier, a pioneer There is no pain I have no fear Dreaming while I wake I am so free As I dream my fate It makes me believe I'm a poet, a Renaissance man I'm a lone wolf with a battle plan I'm never alone when I'm with friends I can look into my own eyes again I can throw everything to the wind Nor have any worries at all Cuz when I dream, I fly so high I know I can never fall No worries (No fears) No nightmares (No tears) ( x7 ) But then I dream That I am who I wanna be That I'm successful, I am free Life's no longer a mystery I'm a hero on the big screen A romantic, hopelessly I'm a soldier, a pioneer There is no pain I have no fear * Not certain of correct lyrics
  2. I don't know why you people disbelieve in this being from Earthbound. I believe it's either the part where Buzz Buzz dies or Ness sees a part of his past when he gets to a Sanctuary. I really like this mix. It really makes you think of someone drifting off to sleep and dreaming of home. Makes me think of Winters a bit. I almost want to play Earthbound again. If only my gamepad would work for my emulator.
  3. This mix's beginning always reminds me of a mix between winter and a soap opera. I love it. The guitar, when it first comes in, kicks total and complete ass. This is one of those "Play it a million times and never really get sick of it" songs. *Plays it again* Whoo! *air-guitars to it*
  4. This is a really great Remix. Super Mario 2 always freaked me out for some reason. I think it was the flying faces and crap. Damn flying faces. I sooooooo want to learn to play this song on the piano.
  5. I love this song. Especially the beginning with the voices. It's so dark and spooky. As for what they say, this is what the voices are: "All you people are so scared of me." "It ain't me you need to worry about now." "You're not afraid of the dark, are you?" "Are you?" I love it!
  6. The opening is absolutely awesome. I love the lead guitar, and I jam along air guitar to it, even though I haven't a clue as to how to play the guitar. At most points in the song, it does sound scarabian, but at most times it's just happy and jumpy. I don't think alot about deserts when listening to this song. I sometimes imagine an arena when listening to the beginning, but it dissolves later into the song. Very well done! The name kicks ass too! Funky Bookas!!!!
  7. The clocks at the beginning, are in my opinion the greatest element of this song. They keep a constant rhythm throughout the entire song. I really like songs that start out slow and speed up as the song goes on. This starts out just that way. I really love the first 1:18 of the song. I love playing it at a high volume. The voice clips are very decent and go along with the song quite well. Someone wondered what the first clip said, and I think I can make out some of it. I think it says: "All those dreams of the past, those dreams of falling and flying, of the constant (something) into the world of astral travel." I think I hear "rememberance" in there somewhere, but I'm not sure. The second one is easy to understand. I really like the sword sound after it, around 4:21. All in all, this is a very well made song. It's one of my favorites, and I'm glad to make it my first review. The song slows down perfectly, going in reverse to how it started, with each clock stopping. Great job E-Bison!
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