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  1. drats he's still alive I mean...good to hear from you
  2. I was wondering if anyone has anymore of the files that FL uses to cut stuff in piano roll (whaddayacallit? cutting is it called chop...whatever...I was wondering if there was a way to get different ones. (yes, I know it's better to cut it yourself but I'm lazy)
  3. whooo Hadyn sure is getting up there in his status as a remixer. *claps* anyway, do whatever you want with the song, I like your style and I'm sure it'll come out better for the project.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. All I have is MSN but I'm usually not on. We also have a private forum([seems to have died])(the link is always in my sig). As for sending you the WIP/remix, I'll just give you a link sometime later this week.
  5. I really didn't think that there were a lot of trance songs on H.H.. maybe cause I like trance but that's just my opinion. (forgot to respond to Haydn's C.N. mix) I really like the way it's heading. I'd like the drums to be a little more distingushied though. edit: (little too much distortion I mean)
  6. fu**ing awesome Ichi. Did I mention this is my fav track on this project so far? (well, besides Beatdrop's song) love the piano.
  7. you know...that could work out well... a synth mixed with a marimba would be a better feel for this.
  8. maybe an acid synth? But it'd be really hard as a lead. Maybe some kinda Sytrus short synth? those might work. I really can't think of a specific one.
  9. said exactly what I was gonna say. more percussion would really give a nicer feel to C.N.. And the bass should be like the original.
  10. heyyyy nonono. I wasn't referring to USF. I was reffering to other's who shall not be named.
  11. *nods* I hate all this complaining that "ooohhh noooo. the song I wanted isn't on there" too bad. "oh no this song isn't in the order I want it to be." well you see here: the problem is that you want it to be like you want it and only you. more people want it the other way.those you matter at least.
  12. don't overwork yourself stay in bed and get plenty of sleep so you can remix like hell tomorrow we don't want a dead remixer Nothing new for either of my mixes. I don't even know if I'll work on Sky Sanctuary anymore. And Staff Roll is in the shop
  13. wtf? are you always sick? it surtainly seems so and I thought my immune system was bad.
  14. I'd like to see you work on Carnival Night. I think it's a great song for your style.
  15. FL4 duh. I told you that already. And I was gonna just ask you anyway.
  16. okeeee. I'll ask: "anyone wanna help me fix my EQ?"
  17. Staff Roll:
  18. It's up to KFC to decide the fate of the dreaded "S3 Staff Roll" since it was on the list already, I think he's already made up his mind, but it's his call.
  19. really good Rayza! drats I don't like the competition
  20. whoo seems that a lot of discussion aroud the credits. I only mixed it cause it was on the front page list thing.
  21. whoo a thread to limit scrolling: that's what it's here for let's not let the people of OC see us quarrel.
  22. I dunno, I sort of disagree on that - we already have all the songs here, and a remix of the real ending, unless extremely well-done, would just be a regular remix but with as many tunes crammed in as possible and not enough attention paid to the song itself. Mind you, there is some original melody that deserves to be remixed. Personally, I'm not that impressed by his remix. I'm not going to go in depth about melody and its cohesiveness, because that would make me a hypocrite. However, I will say the real ending would appeal to everybody moreso than doing a different games' ending for the xth time. I don't really understand this.Are you saying that it wasn't an original part of the S3 Soundtrack? It's a well known song and deserves recognition. I don't understand how anyone calling himself "UltimateSonicFan" would think that a song from S3 shouldn't be on the CD.
  23. ok the forum idea was great but it would help if everyone was there too. that way you don't have to keep scrolling through stuff. The link is now in my sig when you want to go there. So if ALL remixers would register there, it'll work out easier.
  24. well, yes. Criticism is nice, as long as it's helpful and not a waste.
  25. song seems to be controversial to some people... the claps are gone. they were a mistake the eq is bad I admit. My computer is so slow I had to export it quickly so I didn't get to working on it. yes it's not compressed right AND the hosting service lowers the quality of the song. sooo all in all: I like the drums. They're not going anywhere. the claps ruin the drums so they're gone. I'll see what it sounds like without the Phase. And it's up to KFC to decide if this song stays. I don't see why not... it's a song...from Sonic 3... well known... why not? as for everyone bitching at each other: argue over the PM system or somehing. Cause all you're doing is making more stuff for the remixers to scroll down when we come here. This all seems pointless... unless someone wants to help with the compression, cause I"m self taught and am still learning stuff.