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  1. how 'bout here? it's free and I don't think there's a limit to the space
  2. ah crap, another Sky Sanctuary remixer to compete aginst j/k I'd like to hear your rendition of it. I really like your Hydrocity one, so this one should turn out great too.
  3. oh yeah, Sith, I belive Upthorn is also going for Sky Sanctuary too.
  4. UPDATE: EDIT: what needs to be fixed: -fade out is sorta at an odd note. -the string synth at 1:33 will be removed what's been added: -more bass -got rid of the intro -added different drums -added some other crap that I can't remember and to Hippy Kanjika: are you talking about from 0:50 to 0:53 or the whole thing after 0:50? cause if it's from 0:50 to 0:53, then it's just because they're's no kick. which comes in at 0:54. that can be fixed. But if it's the whole thing than I can't think of anything else to add.
  5. I know it's very orchastrated to have such a long intro... but it just got annoying after a while. It went from comming it really slow to downright fast. other than that it's great as usual. edit: further listening showed that around 2:27 when it goes back to the original melody, it's sort of an odd transition back to what we heard already. Hope you can understand my bad explaining...
  6. yeah it was really nice. it just wasn't right for the song. But the more I think about it, the more he could put it in there.
  7. well, shit. that's just great stuff. fix the ending and boom you're done, Kanjika
  8. wow...Sadorf, your remix is soo good it messed up Winamp... "Winamp has incountered a problem and needs to close" ...
  9. I likeee it has that traditional Sadorf feel to it.
  10. it's kinda bad that I"m competeing aginst all these good songs, I like them all... at least I'll feel good when I lose
  11. sounds very dramatic. I think it rushes into the climax of the song too often (which you probably will change anyway) I like the feel of it. It reminds me of the opening song from SSBMelee and some Pokemon battle song I heard. It has a really nice feel to it. Very orchastrated. Very nice. I likeee very much *puts on repeat*
  12. 20 seconds doesn't seem like much but it's enough to see what you're accomplishing. sure 20 seconds. I'll try and create another melody to insert in there or something.
  13. ha. that's the problem. I don't think that there's too much I'll add unless and besides the stuff that people find wrong with it. (i.e. no more synth maybe. not too many added or taken out stuff and not too much more scores.) seems to be my week point...I just sit here and say "what now." so basically nothing dramatic. But I still don't think that I'll win. There's a lot of other ideas that are greater than this. I'm anxious to hear other mixes of it
  14. The links APC posted are to the wrong place, you have to be the person who uploaded the song in order to access those pages. The correct link are yeah sorry about that. I was in a hurry.
  15. newest update: I scrapped my old project and tried a little something else: please respond so I can fix the many errors that this most likely has.
  16. newest WIP
  17. I'm getting mixed replies which one do people like more? the first one I did, or the second? both need more of the sky sanctuary melody in the beginning, I know
  18. Your first version had fewer problems, and they were easier to fix. Why did you do this one while I was trying to polish the old version? ahhhh it's okay!! I have to versions so I still have the old one that I gave you so I'll work on that one harder and scrap the other one.
  19. need more feedback, please UPDATE:
  20. so far: yes I know I keep spelling it wrong. I'm typing at a weird angle [edit]oh, and because my name is sooo long just call me APC.
  21. yo. I wanna compete for SkySanctuary mines probably won't win cause it's more of a "softer" kinda theme. but mebbee someone could do a collab with it later or something. will post wip tomorrow.
  22. FL does have MIDI sounds. -import the MIDI -go to the Master Mixer. -press the arrow on the first channel and go to 'select' -select LSD -turn the number thing down (I can't remember the name for it right now ) and there, instant MIDI sounds. you can also turn on the buttons that say 'chorus' and 'reverb'. to add more MIDI tracks just right click on a plugin track and go to add a track. Then go down to MIDI ___ sorry...I'm kinda sleepy and can't remember all the correct terms for this stuff... if you can't understand this I'll write it again later.